Taste: Ketchup

5 Aug


8590 Sunset Blvd

Los AngelesCA 90069

(310) 289-8590

Last Sunday I met my best friend, Whitney, and some of her friends from Chapman University for dinner on Sunset Blvd. at the Dolce Group restaurant, Ketchup. I’d been wanting to try this place for awhile…(I’ll admit, ever since it was featured on an episode of The Hills, my inner-LC has been craving me some catsup!)

We sat down around 7:15, but before that we sat in the awesome little lounge upstairs before making our way to our over-sized white booth with red, low-beam lights. The vibe was fast-paced and fun, and busy for a Sunday night. Ketchup’s kitsch is that it’s “gourment American,” so they take things like hamburgers and steak and, to quote my favorite artist Gregg Gillis “put it in a chokehold and pour beer on it’s head.” (Gillis was talking about what he does to Elton John songs, but hey, I’m making it work…) Turns out it’s Half-Off Sundays, meaning that the $21 plate I had my eye on was not-so-pricy, and we could play around with appetizers and desserts.

We tried the Californication (super-fancy crab cakes…and also super-delicious) as well as the Threesome (3 different types of French fries and 5 different types of ketchup) I loved the sweet potato fries with the maple ketchup, but trying the wasabi and chipotle varieties were pretty neat too. Our server was great, peppy, up-beat, and mindful, and the exotic bus-boy with the “gentle eyes” kept a couple of entertained…ok, more like entranced.

 My main dish was impressive, I got a Risotto and Summer Sausage dish, with mushrooms and truffle sauce. It was delicious and off-the-beaten-path enough for my liking! It sort of reminded me of the sausages and beans Marta would cook sometimes, but let’s face it, I’ll use anything to remind me of Spain J. And, since it was half-off, I made sure to indulge in some great all-american desserts…think Diddy Reise style ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and s’mores. Hmmm maybe I should have submitted this to This is Why You’re Fat…

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