The Return of the Travel Bug, or Why I Would Return to Prague

31 Mar

It is impossible to digest Prague’s multi-faceted uniqueness and charm in one quick trip. I visited the fairy tale-esque Czech city the week before Easter last year while I was traveling during my semester abroad, and already I seem to possess an insatiable itch to return. The city’s architecture is quirky and stunning at the same time – from Old Town Square’s astronomical clock tower and the magnificent cathedral overlooking the city, to Frank Gehry’s ultra-modern Dancing House and the faceless baby statues sprinkled throughout a park bordering the Charles River, the city’s countless oddities did nothing but delight me.

It is more than just Prague’s diverse architectural gems that captivated me, however, it is everything about Prague culture. After a few days in Prague, I found myself with a continuous craving for a Pilsner (and to pay with their funky currency, the koruna) and an urge to check out the new additions of graffiti on the epic Lennon Wall. Memories of my nights in Prague also leave me feeling nostalgic – and considering I hit up the same club two nights in a row (Chapeau Rouge, Jakubská 2,), I feel a return trip only makes sense so I can see what else this city has to offer! The city is insanely walk-able, making it that much more quaint.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the city is the fact that it is in the midst of constructing it’s own identity. Like a college student struggling to figure out who he or she wants to become, Prague also is developing its own sense of self as we speak. It’s one of the only cities that remained untouched by bombs in either of the world wars, and the effects of 1989’s Velvet Revolution still reverberate throughout the city.

There is something truly mystical about Prague, and I have a personal anecdote to back up that audacious claim. During my uber-short stay, I went on a couple of short runs throughout the city so I could enjoy the sun and see more of the sights. While I hustled through a park nestled near the cathedral, I heard my name being yelled. I turned around and recognized two friends from my abroad program who had come to Prague on a whim – I had no clue they would be there when I was, and vice versa. We sat together for a few minutes and reveled in just how small the world really can seem to be.

Prague is pretty irresistible. If you visit before I do, have a Pilsner for me.

The view of Prague from the Cathedral.

Frank Gehry’s “Dancing House.” That’s G.

My friend Becca and I at the Lennon Wall.

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