I’m painting you a portrait of young…

20 May

College graduation. It’s inevitable, but its inevitability seems infinitely far away until about a month before the festivities begin.

Here is the Sparknotes version of my graduation(s).

Psychology – May 15, 2010 Greek Theater

-Spending some QT with my parents, brother, aunt, and uncle
-Delicious catered reception on Memorial Glade after
-Gorgeous Greek Theater
-It was HOT
-Nothing too stellar about the commencement speeches (despite on professor I’ve liked, Serena Chen, being the keynote speaker).
-the Phd candidates graduated with us – meaning we had to sit through 20 synopses of their dissertations (my uncle made fun of them though, and that was hilarious)
Family by the campanile:
Helping me explore the Bay Area for the better part of 22 years:

Commencement Convocation – May 16, 2010 – Haas Auditorium
-Getting to graduate with my best friends at Cal.
-taking pictures and mingling with everyone’s families before the ceremony
-a truly inspiring speech from filmmaker Tiffany Shlain in which she urged us to “have moxie.” Despite everyone being collectively frustrated that Cal is able to attract A-list names a la the University of Michigan getting Obama, Shlain was comedic, interesting, and made an impact. While the fact that the UC system fails to pay its workers a living wage and “big names” thus won’t cross the picket lines, that fact alone is pretty Berkeley and we ended up with a great speaker. Win.
-An even better speech from University Medal winner Joshua Biddle. His words were really motivating, and his original poem, “Speak Out” was chilling. His story was amazing.
– the adorable appearance of the (now former) Chief Justice of the Philippines.
-Chancellor Bobby B and those sweet pins we got
-every. single. name. was called. terrible.
Gonna miss these guys:
Tiffany Shlain is the spokesperson for “moxie”
Mass Communications (UGIS ceremony) – May 18, 2010 – Greek Theater
-Short and sweet ceremony
-interesting points made in the commencement speech
-saw all my mass comm buddies
-diverse array of majors present at ceremony (mass comm/media studies, american studies, religious studies, interdisciplinary studies field major)
-entertaining group of students
-ho-hum commencement speech
-borderline/bad student speaker
My friend Kelly and I backstage at the Greek:
Me, Michelle, and Malia do Mass Comm:

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