Do Work

29 May

So for my few loyal readers (thanks guys) I wanted to give a brief little post about my job. I started on Tuesday at a consumer electronics company called Lenmar, based in Camarillo, CA as a Marketing Assistant/Intern. They make batteries but also a bunch of different “power solutions” to charge a lot of different devices. So far I’m liking it! I am excited to see how the website and other things we’re working on progress during my time there. I am so lucky to have found something relatively quickly! I’m still getting used to the working routine and figuring out exactly what my role is going to be in the company, but I really like how everyone seems to be involved in multiple aspects of the company and the people there seem pretty involved and invested in their work.

The biggest adjustment so far is time. A 40-hr work week is definitely different from any previous job or internship I’ve had, but I’m going to try to maximize my weekends by checking off some items on the SUMMER BUCKET LIST that still needs to be finalized. I do know that I want to/need to go here and here sometime this summer!

It’s great that I can zip into work in about 20 minutes and take an hour for lunch – and I squeeze in a 20-25 minute workout at Camarillo’s branch of 24 Hour Fitness during that time. Call me crazy, but that’s easily the best part of the day.

Anyway, so far the working world isn’t too scary. But I’d love to hear comments/suggestions you may have for making it work in the real world time-wise.


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