art of the daycation.

28 Jun

While the whole “working full time” thing is a hindrance to my incessant need to travel, I’ve made an effort to embrace the idea of a “daycation.” This weekend I hit up two local LA spots for some delicious food, culture, and relxation.

getty galavant.

The plan: On Saturday, my Dad and brother both had work, so my mom and I decided to seize the day and do something out of the ordinary. After a little bit of deliberation, we decided on a trip to the Getty Museum. We’d been before, but not in a good 10 years or so (the last time I went I was alllll about the kids “dress up” exhibits).

Transportation and Food: While the underground, 7-level parking structure was a nightmare, the rest of the day was really enjoyable. We soaked in the views of the nearby hillside as we ascended over the 405 in the Getty Center’s tram and had a light lunch of chicken ceasar salad and roasted rosemary chicken (and a Corona for me, obviously) when we arrived.

Art: I recently realized my affinity for modern art through trips to LA’s MOCA and SFMOMA and I’ve loved Van Gogh and Monet since I was embarrassingly young. While the Getty is world-renowned, its permanent collection isn’t entirely up my alley, with lots of Renaissance art and dark, somber pieces. While impressive, nothing was that extremely moving. It was, however, pretty cool to see the painting my old family friend fell in love with when we went to the Getty years ago.

malibu bliss.

The plan: My friend Whitney and I were desperate for a need to break the routine of the 40-Hour-Work-Week, so we jetted down to Malibu for lunch on the newly renovated pier. After finagling parking, we moseyed over to The Beachcomber Restaurant for a lavish lunch over the waves.

The food: We embarked on somewhat of a culinary journey – kicking off the daycation were margaritas…while not exactly strong, they’re a crucial ingredient for a daycation. We shared delicious artichoke, a wedge salad, and this awesome  tangerine-flavored shrimp over wild rice dish. I lamented that I would “never eat again” (as I often do) after trying the donut-hole bread pudding dish. Jeeze.

Beach Time: Rounding out the daycation were a few solid hours on a secluded beach in Malibu (off of Webb, behind the Malibu Yogurt/Coogie’s shopping center). We relaxed, took in the waves, and laughed uncontrollably at the Bulgarian man engaging in his very own fashion show – complete with seaweed accessories.

The weekend was that much sweeter with some solid relaxation time, and both “daycations” ended with a trip to Starbucks…is anyone suprised? So break the routine, take a daycation, and relax…

Where’s your favorite daycation spot?

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