(Just a little more than) A New York Minute

1 Jul

While I didn’t make it to a show or hit up many of the places Jay-Z shouts out to in “Empire State of Mind,” I was able to check out a law school, the UN, fuel that caffeine addiction, hit an art museum, walk for what felt like days, snag a couple of key New York food items, AND spot a celebrity. Not too shabby for 13 hours in the Big Apple.

I am currently en route to Washington DC aboard a “high speed” Amtrak train – also on our train? Former Top Chef contestant Carla Hall. I am unbelievably exhausted after sleeping approximately 2.5 hours upright on a Jet Blue flight with one screaming child behind me, but whatever.

This morning began when I touched down at JFK around 5:30 am local time and then  took a cab to Midtown where my Dad had spent last night. We quickly regrouped and headed out to Lincoln Center and passed by Columbus Circle and Bryant Park on our way. Our tour of Fordham was short and sweet – it was self-guided so it more or less consisted of my dad and I roaming around and hearing “New Yawkahs” blather on about how Florida’s bar is so much less stressful than theirs. I liked Fordham, and I really like New York, but at this point I’m unsure whether or not I want to spend 3 years here – the jury is still out but I’ll definitely apply to Fordham and see what happens. It’s hard to really envision myself someplace I’ve never lived before, but 3(+)? years in New York could be fun…

(Note: If a city has a huge statue of Christopher Columbus in a prime location, I’ll probably be obsessed with that city..see Barcelona example here)

For the bulk of the afternoon, my dad met with LA Times reporters who work in Manhattan and I explored the city a little – I wanted to check out the Guggenheim and the Met, but they were crowded and I wasn’t that stoked on the exhibits so I ended up at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Most of the exhibits were high-concept, modern pieces and some were definitely out there – but I caught a little bit of a guided tour and liked what I saw. I especially enjoyed a statue called “The Butcher and his Wife” because it was so weird and disturbing but also comedic – and the guide said that the artist drew inspiration from Picasso. I also enjoyed a hot dog on the steps of the Met, grabbed a slice of NY pizza, read a little in Starbucks (helloooo treat receipt!) and took a nap in the LA Times NYC office.

Today was busy but I’m enjoying it – and surprisingly not stressed at all about the travel (maybe with one-too-many close calls while abroad, this seems easy?) Now just a couple more hours and I’ll be ready for all DC throws my way!

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