dc daze.

4 Jul

The last few days in DC have been enjoyable – and awesome. Here’s the quick re-cap of things I saw, places I went, and people I saw:

  • Wednesday: My Dad and I got into DC’s Union Station a little before 10, and got to our hotel shortly after. The W is really awesome and located RIGHT by the White House (although the bathrooms are a little bit frou-frou for me).
  • Thursday: My Dad has meetings literally all day (and they started at what felt like the crack of dawn) so I wandered around the city and explored, thanks to some tips from my good friend, Krisse. I started the morning strolling through the monuments. Although I’ve been to DC before, I was probably 12 or 13 the last time I was here and likely spent the bulk of the trip fighting with Reid. The Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial are truly breathtaking, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington when I was taking everything in. I strolled over to the White House where I randomly ran into a kid I went to college with, and then headed out to Dupont Circle for lunch. I then trekked to GW Law for a tour. I really liked it – the location and facilities were both great, and I could definitely see myself there. It’s too early to know where I’ll end up, but it was definitely helpful to gain information about the school. After the tour, I met up with my Dad and we decided to head basically to the other side of the capitol for dinner at Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s “Good Stuff Eatery.” It was literally the best hamburger I have ever had, and seeing Chef Spike in action was pretty awesome. We walked back to the hotel (even though my feet were dying from all the walking).
  • Friday: Friday began with a tour of American University’s Washington College of the Law, which is a short metro ride outside the city center. I liked AU, but it’s a little harder to get to than GW and not as grand feeling, but it has a strong emphasis on Legal Writing/Rhetoric and some journals and externships that would allow me to get involved. We also encountered the most douche-y guy on the planet on our way to the AU campus – if people like him go to their law school, I may reconsider applying. After lunch, we trekked back to Dupont Circle to have lunch with my friend, Mollie, who I met in Barcelona and traveled to Lisbon with! It was good to see her and pick up after more than a year without really keeping in touch. In the afternoon, my dad and I stopped by the Smithsonian garden for “Jazz in the Garden” and some sangria, where we also met up with my friend Ilana, a new member of AXO. It was really nice to see her and pretty awesome re-connecting in such a cool location. For dinner, we hit up Dupont Circle for a 3rd time to meet my aunt and her partner, Janet, for dinner at a DELICIOUS place called Logan’s Tavern. I had lobster ravioli, yum.

All in all, DC has been awesome. It has a fun vibe but isn’t overwhelming, and it’s the right blend of culture and academic stuff.  Now I’m back on the best coast, but this trip has left me with a lot to think about law school wise! Oh, and after this weekend it’s safe to say that I’m never eating again…

Also, while I’m thinking of it: 2 thumbs up for Starbucks free wifi, two thumbs down for the Dulles airport.

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