the guiltiest of pleasures.

6 Aug

Throughout my whole life, I’ve developed hardcore obsessions – I’ll watch a movie 20 times and still cry laughing when I hear a favorite line from it (Example: “I’m sorry! Did my pin get in the way of your ass? Lose 5 pounds immediately or get out of my studio, like now!“). While everyone has a guilty pleasure or two, some of mine are downright shamefully delightful:

jersey shore. This is easily my biggest (not-so) guilty pleasure. Can you really say that watching these people act like fools is not entertaining? Quotes like “Is Angelina there?” “No, she died” and the  quest to create a Grenade Free America are pure trashy gold.

cookie dough. Who cares about the “raw egg” stigma, this is the best catch-me-red-handed item to sneak from the family fridge. “Sure, mom, I’ll put a batch of cookies in the oven!”

the real world. Noticing a trend with these antithesis-of-classy MTV reality shows? This is the guilty pleasure that began all guilty pleasures. I haven’t missed a season since Hawaii and get a little too into the drama. My aunt and I have talked about the seasons (and challenge seasons) for years, and when my Dad and I visited her in DC in July we made a point to drive by the house from the DC season. Currently, Real World: New Orelans is entertaining, but the first time around in NOLA was perhaps more memorable.

tequila. Yep, drink of choice. Scary? Nope, delicious. I’m a margarita fan (rocks, salt) but would also never turn down the more traditional salt-lime variety or cinnamon-orange update (thank you,  epic Prague bar Chapeau-Rouge). Try to avoid posting your favorite tequila-related memory in the comment section, my family reads this.

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