la galaxy vs. real madrid.

9 Aug

One of this weekend’s adventures involved 3 of my high school friends, an international friendly, and me. Last year, I relived Barcelona at the FCB/Galaxy game and probably said the word “joder” altogether too many times.  This year was a different experience but definitely enjoyable. Here’s the spark-notes version of how we occupied ourselves during our day-long futbol fest:

  • tailgating. While I went to a pretty big football school (at least in California), the Bay Area’s lack of ample parking space made traditional tailgating a rare occurrence for students. We spent 5+ hours barbecuing and sipping on cervezas.

  • the fans. There is nothing like a swarm of teenage boys with their faces painted in Madrid’s colors screaming “Ma-dreed! Ma-dreed! Ma-dreed!” at you as you walk by in a Barcelona jersey. Or taking a photo with an entire family because they ask you to (still not totally sure why on that one). There was definitely a cool sense of camaraderie at the stadium – even between those sporting rival jerseys. The blend of different flags and the occasional ring of a vuvuzela definitely elicited a feeling of “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

  • the chants. Last year’s experience in the Barca fan section was actually rivaled by the Galaxy fans we were next to. Favorite cheer? “Galaxy” to the tune of “Karma Chameleon.” No joke.
  • using jersey shore lingo whenever and wherever. This needs no additional explanation. (If you made it all the way here, I expect a Jersey Shore quote in the comment section, btw).

3 Responses to “la galaxy vs. real madrid.”

  1. Matt Southard August 9, 2010 at 11:56 pm #

    “We were in the jacuzzi and I splashed some water on my face and realized we got grenades!” -Chris after the Galaxy scored their first goal… and you forgot to mention the intensity of the fratmosphere

  2. Valerie Nelson August 11, 2010 at 5:42 pm #


    • gillian August 11, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

      Lol. Another great quote from this weekend:

      Me: “This is creepy”
      You: “Would you rather be a grenade? Then things like this wouldn’t happen.”

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