the lingo lowdown.

10 Aug

Kids say the darnedest things, right? Well, so do non-kids. I’m a big slang aficionado, and love how one’s use of certain words can clue others in to where he or she is from (i.e. “wicked cool” = Boston, “hella cool” = Northern California). Here’s a few of my favorite expressions:

  • “I mean…” I’m pretty sure I picked this one up from my friend Becca while we were both studying abroad in the coolest city ever. It’s a perfect sarcastic sentence-starter and indicates you’re judging the person just a little bit.


Anonymous: “I love country music! Omg!!”

Me: “I mean…”

  • “That owns” or “Owning” Blame this one on my group of guy friends from high school. It just is so useful – if someone is doing something well/cool/differently, then he or she is “owning” and what they’re doing “owns.” Try it out. And then try to stop using it.
  • “My life is a joke!” Sometimes it just is. Often preceded by “I mean…,” I throw this sentence around whenever I find myself in situations that call for it. And that’s all the time.
  • “Right?” Not really sure how this one started, but the question mark is probably misplaced since I use this word when I’m agreeing with someone.


“Jersey Shore was hilarious last night, Pauly D is the man!”


Those are the essentials…but, I mean…I’m sure I left some out.

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