the final countdown.

13 Sep

In a week and one day from now I will be en route to Madrid, where I will be spending approximately 9 months as an English Language Assistant at a primary school in the Northern part of the city. While I’ve been to Spain before and know I love it, the fear of the unknown and thrill of what’s ahead has undoubtedly begun to creep up on me. I won’t finalize housing arrangements until I’m there, and I don’t even know my schedule or what day I’m supposed to report to mi colegio exactly. I’ll figure that out once I’m there though…or so I’m told.

The next few days will be a combination of racing to the finish line getting-ready wise (I may not still be totally unpacked from my recent treks to the Bay Area, or last month’s trip to Toronto, but what else is new), seeing friends and saying good-bye, and cramming in as much of my favorite American guilty pleasures as possible (read: In-N-Out, Mexican food, Jersey Shore and other terrible reality shows, unlimited text messaging (this is a big one), and the comforts and familiarity of home).

While the next 9 months may seem a little daunting, the list of things I’m excited about it more than eases those doubts – I can’t wait to learn more about Spain and go to some of the places I didn’t make it to last time – Bilbao and San Sebastian, Malaga and other coastal towns, as well as southern France and Portugal. I’m also looking forward to laid-back European lifestyle, cafe and tapas culture, and of course the nightlife. Who needs Eat, Pray, Love (seriously, how boring) when you can Teach, Rage, Club? It’s weird to think about how in the next 9 months I’ll inevitably meet a whole new assortment of random people who will become my friends, apply to law school (and decide where I’m going), and actually instruct children in a language foreign to them. Weird.

Looking forward to the adventure and the inevitable awkward and wrecked moments ahead…

One Response to “the final countdown.”

  1. El Capo September 14, 2010 at 2:34 am #


    DON’T GO!

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