mi colegio.

18 Oct

It´s Monday during my 3rd week at school (but let´s face it, this is my first full week…and by full week I mean Monday through Thursday) so I thought I´d share some facts about my school.

I work out in Northern Madrid, in an area called Las Tablas. It´s situated by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, but there´s really not much out here, besides some University dorms and the occasional farmacia. I leave my apartment a little bit before 8 to start work at 9. I am the sole language assistant at my school (cole, short for colegio as it is more commonly referred to) meaning that I move around a lot from classroom to classroom.

I have children ranging in age from 3 to 2nd grade, and while they´re all cute, their English is pretty limited. I spend a good amount of time listening to them in Spanish, but the program insists I speak only English. Many various humorous anecdotes have emerged in my short time here so far. This morning, one girl was lamenting about how cold she was, so she insisted upon saying ¨culo frio, culo frio, culo frio¨ (cold ass…). Another demanded to know why I wasn´t married. When I told her it´s because I´m not old enough and am really just a big kid, she asked ¨then why are you a teacher?¨ Definitely couldn´t come up with a response for that one.

Most of the kids are fascinated by the fact that I have blue eyes and blonde hair and that I can basically only speak English to them. Things they´re not able to comprehend, however, include the fact that I speak English but am not from England and that I don´t have any ¨hijos¨(children).

Stay tuned for more misadventures in English (assistant) teaching…

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