corrida de toros.

19 Oct

This past Sunday, I had my first bullfight experience. I never really felt compelled to go before, but when a friend visiting from the states suggested it, I figured I´d check it out. I´m not exactly the biggest animal lover, and while I thought it´d be disturbing, I couldn´t rationalize being in Madrid for a solid amount of time and NOT seeing it.

It ended up being a worthwhile experience – artful and interesting, and definitely inhumane. One thing I didn´t expect was how rhythmic the bullfight itself was. I´ll spare you PETA supporters the details, but there is a set routine for each ¨fight¨ and the matadors give ¨showboating¨ a whole new meaning. Additionally, the matadors where amazingly lavish ¨trajes de luces¨ that glisten under the lights, creating a pretty distinct juxtaposition between their actions and appearance.

We spent a total of about 2.5 hours, and saw 6 bullfights. Some were more impressive than others, and all of them were intense. While I´m not going to be creating any die-hard fan groups, it is something I´m glad I witnessed, at least once.

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