obsessions (an update).

2 Nov

It´s true – I am an obsessive person.  I have a list of things I love, and could ramble about them forever. If you know me, you can probably name 3 of them off the top of your head (Spain, Jersey Shore, and house music might be the first that come to mind). While these obsessions are undoubtedly here to stay, here´s a list of some current things I´m loving.

  • ethnic food.This weekend, my American roommates and I decided we needed a break from Spanish fare and the classic (yet economical) staples we´d been whipping up at home. On Friday, my roommate Alia and I trekked to a delicious Indian restaurant in Huertas for some spicy curry, samosas, and naan. Such a great call. Last night, due to the fact that we were all out of groceries and the supermercados were closed due to the holiday, we went to our local ¨restaurante chino¨ for some lemon chicken, spicy tofu, and good ol´ fashioned white rice. I love Spanish food as much as the next Spain-obsessed person, but the food options can get a little boring. It´s a good sign that less than 6 weeks in I´m already scouring my guidebook and the web for cheap, international options…who knows what I´ll be like when June rolls around.
  • giants victory. I know, I know, I was raised a Dodger fan, and definitely still am, but I can´t help being a little excited for the win, knowing it is making two of my friends´years. And not to mention that my favorite US city is likely more fun right now than it normally is. That being said, Go Dodgers…right?
  • spanish disorganization. Normally this is my pet peeve, but when it helps me, I can´t really complain. My first two classes this morning were unteachable, because the infantil and 5-year-old classes took a field trip to a farm. Two hours of ¨prep period?¨ Score. Also, I got paid today…in cash…because something with the transfer process wasn´t working. Can´t complain.
  • falling back. Thanks to setting the clocks back an hour, it is now light out when I wake up for work at 7:20. Walking to the metro at 8:00 in daylight makes it way easier to get my day started as well.
  • metro upgrades. In typical ¨me¨ fashion, 4 weeks into the school year I discovered a faster metro route, shaving 10 minutes off of my commute. Additionally, I can walk to the metro in the mornings with my roommate, Kerren, and then listen to some Spanish podcasts on my iPhone (specifically ¨News in [embarrassingly] slow Spanish¨ if  you´re at all interested). The monthly metro pass I bought for November will be awesome too – no more being stingy with metro trips.
  • law school apps completed. Enough said.
  • holiday gym. One block from my apartment, great spin classes, ample cardio equipment, large weight room, and ¨We No Speak Americano¨ on heavy rotation.
  • catching up on American TV. The week´s not complete without a Modern Family quote.

2 Responses to “obsessions (an update).”

  1. Angela November 2, 2010 at 11:49 am #

    1. I wish my gym was that legit, we get classic rock instead and
    2. Event though I was raised a Dodgers fan as well, once they were out of the running it was GO GIANTS time! The city was unbelievable, I went down to King and 3rd last night and joined in in the festivities and debauchery and it was AMAZING! Adrian even said it was comparable to the Canada hockey win in the Olympics. HURRAH

    • gillian November 11, 2010 at 4:45 am #

      For some reason I am just now seeing this comment…whoops! That´s amazing, I really wish it had happened when I had been in the Bay Area!! Maybe next year…? Hope you´re doing well! xo

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