25 Nov

I must admit, it´s a little weird being in a country that has absolutely no idea what one of the most important American holidays is all about. I´m working my normal school day today, and there has been zero mention of Thanksgiving. In the language class I ¨teach¨ on Thursdays for the teachers, I explained a little bit about the holiday and it´s significance, but they had trouble understanding how it was different from Christmas and why it´s not celebrated in December along with the rest of the holidays. On an unrelated note, my jaw is now sore from an-nun-ci-ating every syllable repeatedly.

It goes without saying that there is a whole list of things I´m thankful for. Without getting too emo in a public forum (that´s just embarrassing, and frankly, who cares?) here´s the condensed version of the current list:

– the fact I´m spending a year in Madrid and getting to travel to cool places.

– my legit parents and brother and incredible friends (you know who you are).

– my laid-back job, solid living situation, and the fact I haven´t burned down the apartment complex or myself yet in attempting to cook for myself.

– various obsessions including (but not limited to): house music and mash-ups, all things Jersey Shore, inside jokes, caffeine, various technological devices I can´t live without, law school apps being completed (at least until I decide to add one or two at the last second), and of course, the gym.

That being said, there´s also a list of things I´m bummed I´m missing out on by not being at home for Thanksgiving. I guess it´s sort of necessary to miss out on these things at least once, though, to realize just how cool they are.

– My mom´s insanely good cranberry relish. It´s better than the one your mom makes.

– Other classics: Turkey (and leftovers for days!), stuffing, pumpkin pie, ¨yams what am¨… you get the picture.

– Celebrating Blackout Wednesday in the bubble.

– Getting the results from the Oak Park Cross Country team´s performance at the state meet.

– Hitting up Starbucks at least once each day over the long weekend and running into all of the other caffeine fiends in town.

– Officially starting off the Christmas season by listening to The Nutcracker over dinner.

From Madrid, have a great Thanksgiving everyone! I´ll be celebrating American-style tonight, as well as in Lyon, France for the rest of the weekend!


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