the lingo lowdown (pt. II).

22 Dec

So even though I’m only supposed to speak English at the school I work at, I’m making an effort to try to speak more Spanish. I’ve found a couple of “intercambios” (language exchanges) to participate in, but I’ll save some of the finer moments of those for a later post…I’m getting ahead of myself. Earlier this year, I wrote about some of my favorite slang phrases and I’ve been here long enough (3 months today!) that I can officially say I’ve picked up some new favorite (Spanish) slang words:

  • joder. The great thing about this word is that it is literally all-encompassing. While it can be translated to mean “f*ck” in English, it is used MUCH more loosely and in varying forms. Some of the kids at the school get away with saying “joder” in its full form, while other frustrated kids down-grade it to what I presume to be the more kid-friendly versions of jopin and jolin. More than anything, though, people will say “jooooo” basically any time something doesn’t go their way. Popular americanized versions I’ve used have included “jo-effing-der” and “joder mi vida.”
  • toma. The literal translation is a command: “take” but it’s used to mean “take it” in a slightly derogatory way. If a child raises his hand and is called on, he might utter “toma!” as a way to brag to his classmates. I use it now and then, but probably won’t take the same approach with the word wherever I end up for law school.
  • resaca. Literal translation? Hangover. People have them here all of the time and talk about them freely. “No puedo ir porque tengo un gran resaca” is a common excuse.

Those are the three most salient ones right now – stay tuned for more favorites.

One Response to “the lingo lowdown (pt. II).”

  1. joeandharryabroad December 24, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    Language is soo interesting and it’s a great thing about living in another country. Everyone in Malta speaks English too but I’ve picked up a few words. Their swearing is incredible though. In English about the worst thing anyone can say is c*nt but here they have PROPER swear words- a work mate recently told me the worst one doing the rounds translates as ‘Fuck Jesus on sticky toast’. Brilliant!

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