19 Jan

It´s been awhile since I´ve posted on my blog, but that´s mostly because since my mom´s guest-blogging stint, nothing THAT exciting has really happened. Actually, that´s a lie, I´ve just been lazy. Here´s some fun facts from the last week:

– While my mom was visiting, she got sick of Spanish food and Basque pintxos…so we ended up going on an ethnic food tour of sorts. We managed to eat the following: Thai, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Italian, North African, and of course, Spanish cuisines.

– The following happened in one of my classes of 5 year olds yesterday, after the whole class erupted in conversation about who was dating who in the class, and it was established that Paula has a ¨novio¨ (boyfriend) who goes to a different school.
Pablo: Mi novia es Paula.
Teacher: No, Paula has a boyfriend who goes to a different school!
Pablo: Si, pero ella va a casarse conmigo. (Yes, but she´s going to marry me).
Teacher: Haha, okay back to work, focus on the number 6.
(The lesson for the day was basically coloring the number 6 and the 6 ducks on the worksheet).
Pablo: ¿Necesitamos tener 6 novias? (We need to have 6 girlfriends?)
SO funny.

-I just finished reading Jay-Z´s autobiography, Decoded. I loved it, but feel like my next Kindle purchase should help me live up to my nerdy reputation a little bit more.

– Besides catching up on episodes of the best show ever (Jersey Shore – seriously this Monday´s was insanely good), my mom got me hooked on yet another legal drama, called The Good Wife.

– Speaking of legal drama, the ¨where am I going to go next year?¨ battle has begun. So far it´s looking like a Los Angeles vs. Bay Area show-down, yet again. I´ll keep you posted.

-I have been listening to this song on repeat for 2 weeks.

– My friends and I discovered a delicious tapas place by our house, as well as a legitimate bagel shop (shoppe?) we´ll literally go to every weekend until we leave in July. We also hit up a new discoteca that we might not be heading back to (expensive beer and tons of minors…not a good combo).

I hope everyone enjoyed my mom´s guest-posts! We had a great time on our trip and can successfully check 3 more Spanish cities off the proverbial Spain-travel bucket list.

Hasta la proxima…

2 Responses to “catch-up.”

  1. Katherina January 19, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Did you eat at Kimbumbu? It’s african cuisine and it’s sooooo good! I would also recommend Arabia and La Cocina del Desierto. They’re all 3 around Chueca / Alonso Martinez.
    Oh I miss Madrid so much….!!

    • gillian January 23, 2011 at 6:45 am #

      Oh, I’ll have to go there! We ate Moroccan food in Granada which was DELICIOUS, and I tried Ethiopian for the first time this weekend in the Malasaña area and I’m now obsessed with it!

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