kids say the darndest things (again).

3 Feb

I´ve been slacking on this whole blogging thing in recent weeks. My mom did a great job keeping tabs of our winter break trip (it´s like she´s a professional or something…who knows). Since then, I´ve been working, private-lessoning, and running. Last weekend, I turned 23 (and yes, Blink-182´s line ¨nobody likes you when you´re 23/and are more amused by TV shows/what the hell is wrong with me/my friends say I should act my age¨) has been not only repeated many times, but may also be proving itself true.

Anyway, I am overdue for a post, and these past weeks have been LLENA de really funny, precocious, and lost-in-translation moments from the niños. Just today, in one of the 4 classes of five-year-olds  work with, a boy named Diego told me ¨Eres mi amor¨ (You are my love.) This is after he called me his ¨abuelita¨ (little grandmother) and then ¨mala¨ (bad).
On Wednesdays, I teach a private lesson to two girls in the tony Madrid suburb of Las Rozas. Their mother picks me up from my apartment on the girls´way home from school, and we chat in a mix of Spanish and English during the twenty minute drive to their house. Yesterday´s conversation tackled a lot of humorous topics.

First, I explained my mom sent me a package with two law school-related books, and I went on about how I am trying to make a decision right now, basically between LA and SF. Mar, who is 11, pipes up ¨Y dónde está Harvard?¨ I replied ¨Oh, Harvard is in Massachussetts. It´s way too cold and way too hard for me.¨ Upon hearing this, Mar goes ¨Oh, Harvard es dificil?¨ I laughed.

Further along on the car ride, Mar asked her mom to pick up some batteries at the supermarket for her Tamagotchi. I said, ¨Oh, I had one of those when I was in third grade¨ (Well, false, I had a Nano…Tamagotchi´s were back-ordered everywhere). Mar´s mom, annoyed at Mar´s insistence on new batteries for her virtual pet, sighed and said ¨Mar, Tamagotchi está en moda otra vez?¨ (Tamagotchi is in style again?). So great. Also during this lesson, younger sister Gracia got her Nintendo DS taken away for a week (upped up from 3 days for baiting her mom) and the Telefonica guy came to install wi fi. All in a day´s work I guess.

Oh, and Michael Jackson is a big deal here. One second-grade boy, Miguel, asks me to put him down as MJ when I take roll sometimes. And last night, when I shared a book with Mar and Gracia about MLK Jr., Gracia pointed to a character in the book and asked if it was the King of Pop himself. She also asked if MLK Jr. is Obama´s dad. Finally, Mar replied with ¨lady…gaga?¨ when I showed her a flashcard of a ladybug.

I am really starting to enjoy my job – the kids´ English is improving slowly but surely, and I know their personalities and can joke with them.


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