thursday is the new friday.

18 Feb

While Friday has always been my favorite day of the week, with my four-day-work weeks, Thursday has sort of taken on that role for the time being. Here’s what went down yesterday:

* In one of the classes of five-year-olds I work with, one little boy, Diego, told me (in Spanish) that he is going to marry me. Then, he quickly followed that up with “I want to go to your country to see Hannah Montana.”

*Somehow, all of the kids think I “know” Hannah Montana personally since we’re from the same country. This same class of five-year-olds asked if I could bring her to class, and if I could do it soon. When I replied that I’m not sure Hannah can fit us into her schedule (she’s really busy) they all chanted “TRAIGA HANNAH MONTANA!” (Bring Hannah Montana!).

* In my last class of the week (4-year-olds), one boy named Pablo is basically fluent in English because he lived in Los Angeles for a year. He asked me if I have a brother, and I said “Yes, I have one brother, but he is at home in Los Angeles.” Pablo looked up at me through his bifocal lenses, and in all seriousness says to me “You are very lonely.” I burst out laughing, which I guess was an appropriate response.

*After school, I caught up on Modern Family. A friend from high school is visiting for about another week, so while my gym routine is a little thrown off it’s been fun to have an excuse to do fun Madrid things. Last night, however, we could have easily been in Agoura Hills. We met up with my “intercambio” and his friend at what is basically an American restaurant called “Vips” (I ordered a Ceasar salad – great call) because they were having a 2 for 1 promotion. After, we watched “True Grit” (in English). My thoughts? Great acting from the female lead, but the old-school English was hard for me to understand sometimes (who uses the word “stalwart” these days?) so I can only imagine how enjoyable that could have been for our Spanish-speaking buddies.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone – and if any of you have Hannah Montana’s contact info, there’s a whole slew of kids at my colegio who would have a field day…

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