una mezcla.

3 Mar

The last few days have basically featured me trying to get back into my normal routine. And while none of you care about my workouts or what I cooked for dinner, a few things worth mentioning have happened.

· On Tuesday, a 1st grader picked up two pencils and held an eraser between them, as if he were using chopsticks. He loudly proclaimed ¨Soy Chino. Atención, Soy Chino.¨ His buddy Alejandro proceeded to bow and make Chinese-music sounding noises. So funny.

· In another first grade class today, the teacher explained to me that some of the boys are trying to get girlfriends. While Pipe (a nickname for Felipe) confessed that he is in love with Lucia López, Guillermo denied any suggestions that he was once in love with the other Lucia in the class because she is ¨una mandana¨ (she is demanding).

· My Spanish obsession – the 100 tiny sandwiches and cheap beer place known as Cervecería 100 Montaditos opened up a location one block from my school. On Wednesdays, I will definitely be partaking in their everything-for-a-euro promotion. Owning.

·I am currently reading Jeffrey Toobin´s ¨Too Close to Call: The 36 Day Battle to Decide the 2000 Election.¨ I´m about a third of the way through it – and the nuances and manipulative tactics that led to the final result are interesting and, in some ways, demoralizing.

·Current song obsession: Bruno Mars – Grenade. Yes, I realize I am late to that party.

· On tap for this fin de semana? The Real Madrid game tonight (against Málaga, gymming and running, checking out a new club/lounge, and trying to make a dent in this whole law school decision game. Joder.

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