23 Mar

The following amusing anecdote occurred yesterday:

I had two of my first-graders, Lucia and Pedro, out in the hallway going over some vocabulary words. In class, they´re learning all about animals, so Pedro felt that it was necessary to tell me that the word ¨bull¨ is in the team name ¨Chicago Bulls.¨

Me: Yes, I know! They are from my country!

Pedro: Y…¿son tu equipo favorito?

Me: No…my favorite team is the Lakers.

Pedro: ¡VALE! ¡VENGA!!!! ¡A MI TAMBIÉN!!!

Me: And who is your favorite player, Pedro?

Pedro: PAU GASOL!!

(runs and finds his teacher, Amaya)

Pedro: ¡Amaya! ¿Conoces a Pau Gasol?

Amaya: Sí, claro…

Glad to see the Laker pride is going strong in central Spain.

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