dos de mayo.

2 May

I woke up this morning (well, early afternoon thanks to more than one bebida gratis from a Chilean bartender) to news that Osama bin Laden had been killed. The flood of Facebook posts, twitter updates, and changing headlines was all fascinating to take in. While I envy everyone who is at home in the States being able to stream CNN, it’s a unique experience witnessing a monumental moment abroad.

After watching Obama’s speech this morning, I became proud all over again to call him my President. 

Here in Madrid, it’s a holiday (I know, surprise, surprise – right?) It’s the 2nd of May – and in 1808 on this day the people of Madrid rebelled against the city’s occupation by Napoleon’s French troops. This rebellion provoked a brutal repression by French troops and triggered the Peninsular War. This rebellion is forever immortalized by Goya’s twin paintings (2 y 3 de Mayo 1808).

Goya's 2nd of May

Goya's the 3rd of May

How was your 2 de Mayo?

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