so necessary.

15 May

Have you ever not realized you couldn’t live without something until after you purchased it? I normally avoid Sky Mall-esque gimicks, but here’s a couple of things I now would freak out if I lost/misplaced/ruined:

1. Lenmar PPU Clip  – Yes, I did previously work for Lenmar, but there’s no conflict of interest here, I promise. This tiny device charges basically any digital camera battery. I took this to Spain with me as my sole digital camera battery charger and it’s been amazing. You basically hook the prongs onto the positive and negative ends of your battery and place into your computer or laptop’s USB power port, and a light indicates when you’re fully charged. I always lose cords and stuff, and this has been awesome for me to use while traveling, especially since it’s so tiny.

2. SPI Belt – I got this as a gift from a long-time family friend and wasn’t sure how often I’d use it. It has turned into a must-have for me when I go running now. I can put a ton of things in it: iPod, keys, ID card, cash, etc, and it doesn’t move, jostle, or even really make its presence known. One of those “I didn’t know I needed it until I got it” things.

3. iPhone. I don’t have it yet, but my re-entry into the United States will be made infinitely easier with access to things like Apps, FaceTime, 3G network, and a more prestigious standing in the unofficial “Mac Lovers” club.

What products would you add to this list?

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