five things friday.

20 May

1. veg-ing out. Last weekend, my roommate’s sister was in town and she’s vegan. Strange territory for me, because I will literally try every type of food (recent additions to the “things I like” column: pulpo (octopus) and blood sausage. The two meals I had with them were BOMB. Our first stop was at a Falafel place called Maoz, that I had actually been to before because they have a Berkeley location. We also ate at a place called “Loving Hut” that was run and operated solely by vegans – and a 3,50 euro tofu salad was hard to beat. I’ll still keep eating meat though.

Maoz on C/Mayor

2. running. My roommate Kerren is new to the whole running culture, and her eagerness has re-inspired me to get back into it and possibly train for a full marathon in 2012. Today we went on a very relaxed 5-miler through Casa de Campo together. The weather was terrific and we only saw one prostitute! You can follow my runs on 

3. protests in Sol. The so-called #SpanishRevolution, given the name 15-M because it started on May 15th, is taking place in the center of Madrid, and all over Spain, as I write this. The last time I checked, over 10,000 participants had converged to protest the system failing the youth of Spain. Among their list of grievances is the 21% unemployment rate. I walked through Sol last night and it really was a crazy scene. Here’s a live feed of what’s going on in Sol:

4. primera comunión. Last Saturday, I headed to the 1st Communion of a girl I tutor in English named Gracia. The mass, or misa, was just under an hour and pretty traditional. Then, we headed to the family’s suburb of Las Rozas de Madrid for a lavish, 3.5 hour lunch at a place called Monterrey. Fun things that happened during the day: married men kept pouring me drinks and made appropriate comments like “Do you prefer Spanish or Italian guys?” and “We are going to come visit you in Los Angeles and sleep on your apartment floor.” One creepy 40-year old literally said “I am a serious guy, pero…soy loco en la cama.” Eww. Gracia’s older sister, Mar, managed to get a 3rd degree burn from leaning against a motorcycle’s exhaust pipe. Que lío.

5. google reader. I have been maximizing my time at work by pouring over running and fitness/lifestyle works on my epicly-lengthed lunch breaks. I’ve especially been enjoying Healthy Tipping Point and Carrots ‘n’ Cake – and I have added these and other blogs I follow to my google reader, making it much easier to stay on track of everything. I’ve also been Kindle-ing, but I’ll save that for my next “what I’m reading” post.

Happy Friday, everyone!

5 Responses to “five things friday.”

  1. Kaley [Y Mucho Más] May 20, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    i read this article once stating spanish guys were the worlds’ top lovers, so go with spanish. ha!

    • Gillian May 20, 2011 at 9:39 am #

      hahaha love it!!

      I said Spanish guys, and that Italians were too aggressive and they said “Do you know that from experience, or did you hear that from someone?” So creepy but so hilarious.

  2. Angela May 20, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

    yay thanks for giving me new blogs to subscribe to on my google reader (as if i wasn’t addicted enough)

    • gillian May 20, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

      ahh no thank you for reading my blog!!
      also – i love as well 🙂

      oh – and random fun fact – my family got a new dog, a dauhshund named Scully (after Vin Scully). Hope everything is going well with you!


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    […] trekked out to Sol to take a look at the protestors and satisfy my craving for a falafel at Maoz, and go my haircut, colored, and my eyebrows threaded (new experience – woo […]

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