next stop: fitness?

28 May

My Friday started out pretty randomly – I picked up my bag of loot for the Carrera Liberty 10k I am running tomorrow, trekked out to Sol to take a look at the protestors and satisfy my craving for a falafel at Maoz, and got my hair cut, colored, and my eyebrows threaded (new experience – woo hoo?)

Photo on 2011-05-27 at 16.04 #2.jpg

before i got rained on.

Yesterday marked the first day of Madrid’s first annual Metro Fitness Festival, located inside the bustling Nuevos Ministerios station (where Lines 6, 8, 10 and the cercanías train converge). For three days, classes in three different areas (indoor cycling, aerobic exercises like step and cardio kickboxing, and stretching exercises like yoga and pilates) are offered to women who signed up beforehand. My roommate, Kerren, had the foresight to nab two spots for us in a indoor cycling (spinning) class yesterday at 18:30.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 11.31.59 AM.png

ads like this were all over the metro for the last few weeks.

The Fitness Festival is a completely free event put on by the Consejería de Deportes de la Comunidad y la direccíon suburbano. It’s open only to women, and reports estimated about 2,700 will come out at some point during the weekend to take part in the festivities. Kerren and I hypothesized that perhaps Madrid is trying to urge more women to exercise, or, due to Spain’s universal healthcare system, the government has a more vested interest in preventative health measures. Regardless, I am always down to spin.

After getting drenched in the short-lived downpour Madrid experienced yesterday, we made our way to Nuevos Ministerios. After checking in and getting our wrist-bands that would let us into our class, we were given our awesome bags of free stuff, including a full box of a delicious new Special K cereal, a sport magazine with everyone’s fav, David Beckham, on the cover, and a Venus razor. Pretty impressive stuff for no entry fee!


free stuff from a free event. winning!

We were also given these somewhat dorky shirts to put on before the class:


Special K wants me to "love myself." Love it.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 11.27.12 AM.png

promotional photo for the event. that's my favorite spin instructor though!

We put our bags and dry clothes in the make-shift changing room, and began to spin. The instructor was awesome – energetic, fun, and motivating. His music was great: I could not complain with the 3-song David Guetta set half-way though the class. The energy among the participants was great too, people were really happy to be out there. It was a tad bit awkward working out as people passed by on their commutes – and even more awkward when men in suits stopped and took pictures. At least someone did, though, since I unfortunately left my camera at home.

After the class, we metro’d home (convenient considering we were already, you know, in the station) and headed out to Shapla Lavapiés, our new Indian food obsession.


vindaloo and masala. nom.

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