zebra crossing?

9 Jun

Fun fact: Apparently in British English, what I have always known as a ¨crosswalk¨ is called a ¨zebra crossing.¨

No really.

Other adjustments throughout the year have included:

  • an eraser is ALWAYS called a ¨rubber.¨
  • bathroom or restroom is simply ¨toilet¨
  • ¨Do you have…?¨ became ¨Have you got…?¨
  • A trusty backpack is either a ¨school bag¨ or even a ¨rucksack.¨
  • Sweatshirts don´t exist. Instead, you wear either a ¨jersey¨ or a ¨jumper.¨
  • Cookies are ¨biscuits¨ but that´s fine since chocolate chip cookies and other American classics are a complete foreign concept here.
There are many more differences, I´m sure, but these are the ones I have experienced most often with my 1st and 2nd graders and their British textbooks.
Does anyone have any other funny examples of words lost in (English) translation?

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