say uncle.

11 Jun

My weekend has been great so far – funny stories, a couple of solid runs, and of course 100 Montaditos whenever possible (gotta get to 100 and time is ticking!)

This morning, my uncle Casey arrived in Madrid for a last-minute trip. He got to my apartment a little after 10 am local time, and we immediately hit the ground running on sight-seeing. First stop was an essential: coffee. We went to Tapas 44 for cafe con leche – close to my apartment and very typical Spanish (but it’s no Blue Bottle, that’s for sure!)


Next was a walk through the main tourist areas: the Palace, Sol, and Plaza Santa Ana. We saw pretty buildings like these:



Of course we hit up 100 Montaditos in Plaza Santa Ana where I had my 78th and 79th Montaditos (#7 – Carne Mechada and #28 – Chistorra a la Piedra Con Pimiento respectively). My uncle started out easy with #1 – Jamon Iberíco con aceite. Two jarras de cerveza were also consumed, claro.


We strolled along Gran Via and Fuencarral and then I took my uncle on my favorite 5 mile run. He hung with me the whole way – despite jet lag, the heat, and a decently sized cerveza with lunch! Now he’s succumbed to his sleepiness, or is just embracing the art of the siesta.

Hope everyone has a nice Saturday! What’s on the agenda??

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