blue dog tavern.

11 Jul

[Check out my program overview today on DIWYY Do It While You’re Young all about the North American Language and Cultural Assistants in Spain program!]

While I was still in Spain, my Dad forwarded me a link to a new restaurant relatively close to our home with an impressive beer menu and lots of tasty (and even vegan) options food-wise. Yesterday we decided to try it. The restaurant? Blue Dog Tavern in Sherman Oaks.

beer > dogs.

The restaurant was smaller inside than I had expected and adorned with dozens (maybe more like hundreds) of framed photos of various dogs. A little bit much for someone who would never describe themselves as an animal lover, but I’m all for keeping consistent with the theme. The first real order of business was honing in on the beer menu.

My go-to is always an India Pale Ale, so I selected the Green Flash West Coast IPA, noted for being “extravagantly hopped, full flavored, medium bodied and copper colored. A menagerie of hops is combined throughout the brewing process to impart specific characteristics.” I really enjoyed it, but cross-y rival Ladyface Ale’s Cheseboro IPA reigns supreme in my book. My Dad chose the North Coast Old Rasputin Stout, with notes of raspberry and coffee, I believe. I stole a sip – it was definitely robust and full-bodied, but good in its own right.

my dad and old rasputin. can you tell the difference?

my dad + brother. (still learning how the flash works on my iPhone - lo siento).

The main attraction was obviously dinner – and we all went the sandwich route. I had a Turkey Chipotle sandwich – “layered with real California avocado, vine ripe Roma tomatoes, sweet red onion, green leaf lettuce, and provolone and our smokey Chipotle on warm baguette” with a side of french fries. Overall, it was really good – in typical American fashion the portion was huge and flavorful.

turkey chipotle sandwich + fries.

My brother ordered his usual – a Turkey Club – and liked it. The real winner was my Dad’s selection: the “Q” Vegan special which vegan multi-grain bread with hummus spread, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh basil. For sure ordering that the next time I head out there.

Luckily I saved some room for dessert – thanks in part to a solid run earlier that evening with my buddy Hannes – so we went with the monstrous ice cream sandwich the waitress recommended to us. It was basically like a big pizookie and equally delicious!


We all enjoyed our meal and beers at Blue Dog Tavern – I appreciated the flavorful spins on classic sandwiches and the extensive beer list. If you’re in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, give Blue Dog Tavern a try!

An all-important question: What’s your favorite beer?

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