morning yoga.

17 Jul

This morning, my best friend Whitney and I took advantage of a free hour-long yoga class at our local Lululemon store. Niether Whitney nor I are Lululemon shoppers really, but we figured it would be a good weekend activity and a nice re-entry into the yoga world after months off.

lululemon manifesto.lululemon manifesto

We headed to the store, I borrowed a yoga mat (not sure where mine is – or if I even still have one…it’s been that long since I’ve done yoga or pilates) and found space in the compact store. It was cool to see so many people taking advantage of this weekly free class – even if that meant that I accidentally kicked a mannequin once or twice during a downward facing dog due to lack of space.

I was anxious to get back into a yoga routine mostly because I think it will strengthen my running by helping my (really terrible) flexibility. We did an hour of cat and cow pose, downward facing dogs and Warrior 2s, and some solid stretching. I’m really not into meditation and religious mumbo jumbo, and the instructor was a calm yet non-weird guy in his 60s or so.

setting up the mats before class.

At the end of the class, we had a few minutes of solid relaxation time…I swear I heard a few snores. I left the class feeling both relaxed and energized, and Whitney and I both liked the instructor. We nabbed a free Luna bar on our way out and headed home.

whitney indulging me with a post-yoga sesh photo.

free snack courtesy of lulu. it was just ok.

While I’m not a yoga freak by any means, it was a great class and much-needed. I don’t stretch enough, ever. Also, I think it’s pretty cool that a tony store like Lululemon offeres free classes for anyone – you don’t have to buy anything or even give them your contact information. I like seeing companies like this one live out their brand image and ideology by offering something to the consumer that isn’t materialistic.

After this morning’s yoga sesh, I’m determined to do more yoga, and look for a running group or other free work-out meet-ups in Los Angeles

Are there any other brands out there who put their company mantra into action in a cool way?

3 Responses to “morning yoga.”

  1. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport July 18, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    Any free yoga class is a good yoga class! I start getting nit-picky when I pay 🙂 Looks like fun! I know lulu does these free classes but I have never been. I would definitely be the one kicking over the mannequin. Does the same rule apply – “break it, you bought it” ?? 🙂

    • gillian July 18, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

      Hahaha! Luckily I just knocked it and it didn’t topple over…The free class was great especially since I’m just getting back into the whole yoga thing!


  1. thou shall covet. « That's G - September 25, 2011

    […] pricey. I like the way Lululemon brands itself though, and have take advantage of a couple of their (free!) yoga classes in Calabasas and Thousand Oaks. Also, my desire to try out this LuLu tank has been spurred on by […]

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