statements on state street.

18 Jul

santa barbara museum of art.

Last Saturday, my mom and I spent the afternoon on Santa Barbara’s uber-charming State Street – our first stop was Santa Barbara’s Museum of Art. We’d never been before and were overwhelmed by how much we loved the collections – even though it was a relatively small one! The visting collection is “Van Gogh to Munch” through August 28th – and it featured some pretty stunning works by many big-name impressionists. That wasn’t the only cool collection though – in the other rooms I spotted many of my favorite artists.

Honey is Sweeter than Blood, Salvador Dalí, 1941

I’ve had a fascination with Dalí since I went to Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum for the first time in 2009, and again when I checked out the Dalí museum in Figueres, Catalunya, Spain. So glad this little museum in SB had something of his! I love how quirky and wacky Dalí is – and how is technique is so uniquely his.

Pont St. Michel, 1901 (Matisse)

I loved the colors in this work by Matisse.

Blow Up, 2007, Ori Gersht

The Ori Gersht exhibit (through September 4th) was cool and unique. It’s cool to see where modern art is at currently – and this flower explosion was so innovative technique-wise. It’s hard to believe this was basically a photograph!

Joan Miró work, part of the "Drawn to Modernism" collection.

Like Dalí, I developed a Miró fascination when I first saw his works in Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum, and then again when I saw more of his stuff scattered throughout the city of Barcelona (like his mosaics at the BCN airportthe statue at the Tarragona metro stop, and the walk-over piece on Las Ramblas). Miró is all over Catalunya – you can spot more of his stuff in Mallorca (featured in this week’s NYT article) and there’s a whole museum devoted to him in Barcelona. Again, I was so happy to spot this piece so close to home!

a cool Picasso. love.

The Frugal Repast, 1904, Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is my favorite artist – and there were more than just these two pieces here! I loved the whimsy of the first piece, and I had learned about the second one during a course I took on Contemporary Art in Barcelona – and it focuses on Picasso’s fascination with the under-belly of society at this time. My obsession with Picasso came to fruition recently during my visit to Barcelona’s Picasso museum.

After checking out the museum, my mom and I headed across the street to our favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara – Arts & Letters Cafe – an adorable café with seating on the patio of an art gallery. The last time I went I was beyond impressed by their Portabello mushroom sandwich – so this time I was stoked to see what else A&L had up their sleeve!

bread + olive oil with cucumber water at Arts & Letters.

tyler salad. grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, and tomato with café vinaigrette.

This place is incredible. If you’re EVER in Santa Barbara, you need to go here! (My mom’s crab cake sandwich and pumpkin soup was equally incredible). We shopped a bit on State St. and popped into Starbucks before heading home! I lived dangerously and took my friend Amanda’s suggestion to try the new “Very Berry Hibiscus” refresher. I’m a Starbucks supporter – but normally choose coffee (and caffeine). I mean, why not? Last summer I got into their iced tea lemonades, if for no other reason than ordering a “Green Tea Lemonade” forces the barista to write “GTL” on the cup. Fist pump!  This refresher was good, but I’ll probably stick to drinks with more caffeine in the future – but it was definitely refreshing and the real fruit was a good touch.

my very berry hibiscus refresher, my mom's iced coffee, and our cute cupcake box.

We zipped home along the 101 quickly…thank you, Carmageddon!

view from the ride home.

What’s everyone’s favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara? Orrrrr what’s your favorite art museum?? 

7 Responses to “statements on state street.”

  1. Kathy Satterfield July 18, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    What?! You didn’t eat at La Super Rica Taqueria? What a travesty!
    While you and Val were eating frou frou yet undeniably visually and taste bud enchanting food, I would have headed to the late Julia Child’s old haunt La Super. Unfortunately, I probably would have been met by a long meandering line of diners, waiting to place their own orders. It is a walk-up place with a chalkboard menu.

    You HOPE your favorites are on the menu that day. Portions are small so, like tapas, order a lot the first time. (You don’t want to stand in that line twice.) Chilaquiles, mushroom tacos, chile con queso, # 16 is described as a deconstructed chile con queso. I describe it as incredible on a paper plate. Strips of pasilla and fried whole green onions,
    cheese over marinated pork and tortillas. As you are ordering you are also watching the women in the back patting out your corn tortillas and placing them right on the gas fire to cook them.

    Knowing that Julia Child made famous French chefs shake in their toques, it says something that she picked La Super as having great food.

    • gillian July 18, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

      Haha, thanks Kathy! We’ll DEFINITELY have to make it here the next time we go – especially since I’ve been Mexican food deprived for months in Spain :-). Anything that’s Julia Child approved has to be delicious!

  2. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport July 19, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    There is an exquisite Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. When you are on the east coast of FL and I am back on the west side of the Atlantic I will take you! Love Dali!

    • gillian July 19, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

      Yet another reason for me to visit Florida!! (besides 100 Montaditos having a location or two in Miami of course). 🙂


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