8 Aug

The last week has been a combination of low-key and exciting – last Monday I officially moved into my new apartment in West Hollywood! I’ve slowly been working with my roommate, Jenn, to get some photos on the walls, and organize all of my things. It’s a process! Since school doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, I’ve been able to explore my new neighborhood a little bit and start to get the lay of the land.

I’ve spent some time in my neighborhood mall…

escalators at Beverly Center.

…spent some time at the LA Farmer’s Market…My roommate and I got a craving for Mexican food (maybe because I’ve been deprived of it for 9+ months in Spain) so we headed to the Farmer’s Market’s Lotería Grill. I chowed down on some chips and salsa and a delicious chicken mole burrito.

Lotería Grill at The Farmer's Market

happily back in the land of Mexican food!

…tried a new dessert…my roommate raved about macarons and stopped by ‘Lette in Beverly Hills to pick a couple up for us to try. I’m familiar with coconut macaroons, but these were totally different. We tried a couple of different unique flavors including salted caramel (my fav), Earl Grey Tea, and Passion Fruit. So good!

as delicious as they are colorful.

I also explored some local bars – Bar Lubitsch and The Dark Room. I was so happy that The Dark Room on Melrose had one of my (new) favorite beers on tap!

Lagunitas IPA!

This morning I took my first yoga class at my new gym and was pleasantly surprised. I’m about as flexible as a brick wall and need to incorporate some stretching as part of my half-marathon training. My new gym is walkable from my apartment and located across the street from a Starbucks – which will be convenient for fueling my caffeine addiction. Score!

Yesterday I went back home for the better part of the day for a late lunch with our family friends, Kathy and Tim! It was fun meeting them and hearing about their careers and life in California! I felt honored because they’re avid readers of the blog – and as a result I lucked out and got to try a new-to-me IPA that they brought!

Inversion IPA, Bend Oregon

Overall, I really liked it! It was hoppy and strong, but had a sweetness to it as well. I’d definitely drink it again! Thanks, Kathy and Tim! 🙂

We also feasted on some of my favorite dishes my mom makes. I should really get these recipes from her – the fruit salad is magical thanks to a sauce of honey, lime juice, almond slivers, and poppy seeds. So good.

turkey pasta + fruit salad

Sorry for the randomness of this post – as my day-to-day routine figures itself out I’ll probably get back into a blogging routine that’s easier to follow.

For the bloggers out there – how do you come up with ideas for new posts?

2 Responses to “lately.”

  1. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport August 10, 2011 at 4:15 am #

    I would definitely like that fruit salad recipe – please and thank you ! 🙂

    You are tempting me with that mexican – I am dying over here!

    Blog ideas? I have no idea – I go through slumps where I feel like I have nothing to say… then I will have a ton of ideas at once. The blogs I love the most are either highly informational or full of nonsense 🙂 I call it reality blogging. I suppose I am somewhere in the middle. 🙂

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