summer’s over…

3 Sep

…and another school year is here. Yes, I believe I just quoted a Kohl’s commercial from a few years ago. Those commercials always made my brother and I a little sad about the end of summer (arguably the best season of the year, but I could make a case for fall and winter as well, that’s for sure). But anyway, I had a great summer and want to take a minute to remember all of the cool things I did in the last two months.

My summer began when I got home from Madrid at the end of June and I instantly started taking advantage of my pre-law school downtime in LA. I started the summer with a 10k PR out in Ventura on the 4th of July which was fun – and just the motivation I needed to commit to a training plan for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon I’m running in 6 (short) weeks! Keeping with the fitness trend, I joined the LA Leggers and have been running with them on Saturday mornings out in Santa Monica with the goal of running the LA Marathon in March!

post-race. beastmode. (not really at all).

Other than running a disgusting amount, I moved to West Hollywood with my friend from my sorority, Jenn! I’m lucky that a ton of my friends from high school live out there too! We’ve checked out restaurants like Toast, Urth Caffe, El Carmen, Taste, Father’s Office, Jack and Jill’s, and Real Food Daily…and I have made attempts to try and cook mildly impressive things as well. But, as Kanye would say, #ITSAPROCESS.

Urth Caffe.

I spent a lot of time with my family – a day trip to Santa Barbara to check out their art museum with my mom – and, not to be outdone, a trip to the Norton Simon in Pasadena as well as the Watts Towers and Venice with my dad. We also all headed to Santa Cruz for a weekend for my brother’s college orientation, and then I went to one of my favorite cities, Las Vegas, with some of my best friends! (No, I am not kidding – I really do love Vegas, which is surprising because I hate chain restaurants and fake culture…but I’ve heard contradiction is the spice of life!)

drive home from santa barbara.

van gogh in pasadena.

(fake) van gogh in venice.

brother in santa cruz.

a non-scandalous vegas picture.

Now summer has (un)officially come to and end, which is sort of sad, but I’m excited for what fall has in store. (Do you call it “fall” or “autumn”? In Spain all of my kids were taught “autumn” which sort of confused me – it’s a pretty girl’s name but “fall” is so much easier.) Before winter hits, I’ll be running that half in San Francisco, and getting more into the law school grind and annoying all those around me with lame 1L jokes and my insistence on doing all of my reading in a timely fashion. I’m looking forward to allowing pumpkin to encroach upon my peanut butter obsession (pumpkin oatmeal? pumpkin beer? YES PLEASE) and continuing to get to know my new home in the heart of Los Angeles. One last thing I’m stoked about for fall? The return of some pretty amazing TV shows…

What was your most memorable moment of the summer? And what are you looking forward to most about fall?

2 Responses to “summer’s over…”

  1. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport September 4, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    You have been quite the busy bee! Don’t rub those tv shows in! They good ones will be starting just as I am leaving! But I am looking forward to cool Spain weather!

    • gillian September 4, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

      Cool Madrid weather is the best 🙂

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