irrationally obsessed.

4 Sep

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! My Saturday started off with a run with the LA Leggers in Santa Monica (4 miles – woo) and then I high-tailed it outta there to the Conejo Valley to spend the majority of the weekend with my family! I was able to get coffee with my old friend from high school, Hayley, at our local Starbucks – it was great to catch up and hear about all of the fun things she’s been up to in the last year (!). I also tried a new Starbucks drink – the Cool Lime Refresher and loved it – even though it’s not a true coffee drink.

I did some other odds and ends – the most exciting of which was getting new running shoes at Future Track. I am SO happy I got to ditch my moon-shoe Brooks for sleeker and lighter Aasics (but still super sturdy to compensate for my pronation issues – rough life). At least I won’t feel like such a newb out there with 2 lb. running shoes. The coolest thing about going to Future Track, though, was seeing a plaque my XC team gave to the store (who supported us big-time) after we made it to Nike Team Nationals my senior year. Yes, I know it was 6 years ago, but it was still one of the coolest things ever, and seeing that plaque was pretty awesome.

And now, to the title of this blog post. I have a BUNCH of weird obsessions…some of which may be entirely irrational. Here are the current ones:

This song:

I’m hyper-sensitive to racial issues for some reason and I’m not totally comfortable with the title of this song, but I’m overlooking it for the sole reason that it is incredibly addicting. The whole album is great, though, let’s be real.

and this song:

architect Frank Gehry. Especially love the fact I get to see his works SO often in DTLA.

Walt Disney Concert Hall - DTLA


Guggenheim in Bilbao (January 2011).

gehry's "fred and ginger" in prague, czech republic (April 2009).

this child prodigy

these state pillows. want.


the message behind this children’s book

my current alarm clock (not a joke):

and of course – coffee. Totally using law school as an excuse to have it at least 2x a day.


Note: I didn’t include a photo of an IPA or the city of Barcelona because, well, that would just be redundant.

Do we have any irrational obsessions in common? What’s your funkiest obsession?

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