welcome to the jungle.

18 Sep

Since all I listen to is Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album, Watch the Throne, I wanted to name the title of this post after it. Then, I realized that the song lyrics are either inappropriate or self-congratulatory, and I’m trying to give off the “here’s a glimpse at my crazy life” vibe. So with that, I had to avoid this song and settled for this one.

Okay, so keeping with the randomness, here’s some things I’ve been up to this week…

-Tackling (baby) goals. I just finished my fourth week of school and made a goal at the beginning of last week to try and go to at least one professor’s office hours, just to get in the habit of going and to get over the initial fear of it. I didn’t go all that often in undergrad, and when I did it was usually to a graduate student instructor’s office hours. Anyway, I managed to go twice – once for Property and once for Civ Pro. Small goal, but glad I did it.

I also made it to an evening yoga class once this week! I’ve been doing well with keeping up with my running, but my “stretch and strengthen” category could use some work. The class I took was perfect and I’m going to try and make yoga an element of my training plan once a week.

nissan decided to shoot a commercial at school. only in LA.

-My roommate and I broke down and ordered pizza from my guy friends’ favorite local joint – D’Amore’s. It was a little bit pricey, but the crust was delicious and the toppings were different from your standard Papa John’s or Pizza Hut concoction.

D'Amore's "specialty."

– Surprise, surprise, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in the library. Curious about my daily schedule? DJ Pauly D alarm clock at 7 am. Workout. Shower, eat, catch up on blogs. School by 10. Library til 12 or 1 depending of if I attend a lunch meeting or not. Class 1-5. Library til 7 or 8. Home. Dinner (working that Spain-time din…yessss) and then probably a TV show and perusing the Google Reader yet again. Here’s me being a total creep and making my friend Amber pose in the library at school.

tolerating my embarrassing blog antics in inappropriate places.

-Thursday night I went to my first “bar review.” No, I’m not preparing for the CA bar exam 3 years early. Bar review is the term law schools give to an event held at a local bar or club for the purposes of “relieving stress.” This week’s fiesta was held at Vanguard in Hollywood. Pros: Hanging out with my school friends outside of the library or the cafeteria, cool outdoor terrace, one Kanye song. Cons: $8 (tiny) beers, hellllla janky bathrooms, and a pretty inadequate DJ.

– By Friday, I had pretty much lost any resemblance I once bore to a functioning member of society, but local BFF Whitney allowed me to look haggard and be a terrible driver and she still hung out with me! Her best friend from college, Riley, is in town and the three of us saw I Don’t Know How She Does It  which I give a B- (which may be generous). Not terrible, some funny moments, but not that great. I did like the fact that it tried to broach the topic of the female work/life balance, but since that whole concept stresses me out I’d rather just pretend that’s not really ever going to be an issue.

Before the movie they indulged me on another obsession: fro-yo.

PB + chocolate shavings.

Fun fact: I used to work at Pinkberry…all the way back in the day when they had two flavors: Original and Green Tea! I haven’t had P-berry since before I went to Spain, so it was nuts seeing all the stuff they have there now! The peanut butter flavor was perfect – creamy and peanut buttery. It was weird to have a Pinkberry flavor that wasn’t tart at all, but I definitely didn’t hate it.

Before the movie we saw this commercial. Hamsters dancing to “Party Rock.” We may actually have entered the Twilight Zone.

stop. hatin' is bad.

-Saturday morning included a nice 6-miler in Santa Monica through Venice and back. I got to my group’s meeting place just a minute or two after my group took off (rough) so I spent the first 0.75 miles sprinting to catch them. Solid start to the morning.

The rest of the weekend will be a combination of nerding out, going out, and lounging around with my friends. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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