thank god it’s jersday.

22 Sep

When I was little, I literally used to go around singing “It’s Friday….Tomorrow!!” on Thursdays. No, it wasn’t a real song, I was always just so stoked for Friday that the weekend, in my opinion, always technically started on Thursdays. Friday is the best day for a lot of reasons – you still have the structure of the work/school week and all of the promise of the weekend. This Thursday…err, Jersday (due to my irrational Jersey Shore obsession…YAH BUDDY) is no different. Here are the highs and lows of my day:

– light and easy workout this morning. I ran to the gym, hopped on the elliptical, did some easy weights and abs, and then ran back.

-ate some bomb vegan pizza and learned all about the politics of food justice during the lunch hour at school. The politics behind feeding the hungry and the homeless is so interesting – but also insanely depressing and discouraging. This statistic stuck with me: in 2006, 8 in 10 downtown LA residents relied on at least one free meal a day. We learned about “guerilla feeders” like Food Not Bombs who work to feed the homeless on skid row.

-became enlightened on the topics of adverse possession and firm offers in, you guessed it, Property and Contracts.

-chatted with some section mates at our bi-weekly “Turf Club.” Free beer and dinner at school? I think I picked the right law school, even if I do have to deal with driving a car in LA. As one of our deans said “your student fees hard at work.” Joke.

-last minute decision to check out the school-sponsored happy hour at the Caña Rum Bar downtown with my friend in Section 4 and some of his pals. $6 mojitos? Why not!  It’s a cool place and is normally “members only” except, I guess, when our law school makes a special deal with them?

source: Caña Rum Bar website

source: Caña Rum Bar website

– now I’m in total vege mode. I’ve got a good amount of class tomorrow and plan to get a lot of stuff done before and after, so I’m taking advantage of a quiet night with my DVR. Things I’m stoked about: the fact that this year, I can watch TV shows THE DAY THEY AIR, and not on a sketch site on my computer a day later, as was the case for the entire 2010-2011 TV season last year in Spain. I know, I know #firstworldproblems, but when you pride yourself on being a pop culture addict, it’s a pretty big deal. Once Grey’s is over I’ll be ALL about the fist pump.

Happy Jersday!

…What’s your favorite day of the week? orrrr how are you celebrating Jersday this week?

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    […] Thank God It’s Jersday. This has been quite a week – first law school midterm on Tuesday in Property (I think it went well, but who knows) and an immediate celebration downtown with my section at Yardhouse. Three IPAs later I was definitely regretting the whole day-drinking thing. . . getting Wednesday’s reading done was definitely not easier, but the post-scantron raging was necessary. […]

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