kings and i.

12 Nov

Last night I broke my go to bed early on Friday nights to wake up early to run habit! My friend Jeff was in town after finishing up his first semester of med school and wanted to go out in Santa Monica, so I promised him about a week ago that we’d hit up a couple of bars on Main Street. I had never gone out there before and it was a lot of fun and definitely a different vibe. Our first stop was O’Brien’s where a delicious Stone IPA was consumed.

a rainy and cold friday night.

Later we headed over to Rick’s Tavern on Main. I relived college with a Pyramid Hef. Oh…college.

Whitney and I split a bean and cheese burrito (beyond delicious) from Holy Guacamole. Sometimes Whitney has the best ideas ever. This was one of them.

This morning I decided to sleep in and miss my weekly workout with the LA Leggers – but my friend Emily and I had made plans to run this morning! We did over 5 miles together along Beverly, to Santa Monica, and then to Fairfax and back. It was so nice having someone to run with! After our run, we met back up with a few more friends to go to our fav local breakfast joint: King’s Road Café!

way too many delicious options.

Emily + her iced latte.

my decision: poached eggs with black forest ham and fontina cheese. dee-lish.

my iced coffee.

post-brunch dessert? why not!

Kings was a great leisurely start to my Saturday – before I headed to the library to crank out some work – yay for self-defense (crim), takings (Property) and negligent transmission of HIV in California (Legal Research and Writing).

Now, my roommate Jenn and I are unwinding with a 90s classic – Never Been Kissed and I’m making a playlist for my 10k tomorrow!  Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

What’s your favorite thing to order at a restaurant for breakfast?

I normally go savory if I’m having breakfast out – eggs or an omelette – but if someone’s cooking for me, I’m a bigger fan of the sweeter variety – pancakes, french toast, or waffles. Weird how that is.


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