back from the dead.

16 Dec

Yesterday marked my last final for my first semester of law school! It was a long finals period – basically starting with the last day of class on November 22 and finishing yesterday at 4pm. It’s SO nice to be done, but I will definitely miss seeing all of my LLS buddies for the next month!

I plan to pack a lot of fun into my winter break, so watch out for posts chronicling:

the Santa Monica Pub Crawl 

a trip to Las Vegas

numerous LA-foodie adventures

an update on my knee/running/all that jazz…

My goal is to do one fun LA thing a day all winter break, just to make sure I don’t take my time off for granted! First up? Christmas shopping, and then cleaning my apartment, hitting the gym, and getting back into the blogging swing of things 🙂

Hope everyone had a delightful past two weeks – I am trying to retrain myself not to work “Adverse Possession” and the “mile bulge rule” into every off-color joke imaginable.

Stay tuned.

post-Civ Pro IPA at Yardhouse 🙂

How do you celebrate a minor (or major) accomplishment?

3 Responses to “back from the dead.”

  1. Steve December 16, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    I hope we can participate in at least some of those foodie ops!

  2. Casey December 16, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Gillian: I would love to be in Vega$ when you are going to be there. I could show you the remnants of Old Vegas that Grandmom Lori used to escape to when your dad and I got to be too much to handle. You will have to do some imagining. You know, smokey rooms, slot machines with handles you actually pull down. No electronic noises. They still have single deck blackjack (I think) and Keno and shrimp cocktails…. It would be an interesting break from the New Vegas for a few hours…. Warning: it would involve going downtown….

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