lunch at the lab.

27 Dec

I’ve been in the Conejo Valley since the 23rd soaking up the sun (no joke), hanging out with my family, and seeing friends. Yesterday Whitney and I decided to try a new gastro-pub in Agoura Hills called The Lab. The menu looked pretty good – albeit a little bit pricey for the area- and I am never one to turn down an IPA. We had a delicious lunch outside on December 26th, and I had on a tank top. I love Southern California.

the beer samples our server brought me: tripel, red, and the IPA. Guess which one I picked?

I specifically told the waitress I wanted to try a Lab-brewed beer, none of that guest ale garbage. I went with the IPA and liked it (although Whitney nearly gagged upon tasting it). It was extra hoppy and satisfying, although I didn’t fall out of love with the nearby rival, Ladyface Alehouse’s Cheseboro IPA. 

so hoppy.

water in a beaker! love how the theme was woven throughout.

Whitney and I often decide to share two entrees when we eat togheter (glad we have this whole restaurant thing down). We went with the Mediterranean Salad and the Harvest Pizza. The portions were HUGE and delicious – the pizza had carmelized onions, blue cheese, sqush, and pecans. So good.

Overall, I liked The Lab and would go back, but if you’re ever in the neighborhood I’d still send you to Ladyface first. I’m pretty anti-chain though and pro gastropub, so I’m happy there’s another place that fits my elitest restaurant standards in my parents’ hood. The restaurant also had some pretty impressive murals inside, but I forgot to snap pics.

Here’s one I nabbed from The Lab’s website:


2 Responses to “lunch at the lab.”

  1. Kaley December 27, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

    That looks so fun! I wish we had more gastropubs here. We do okay with ethnic food, though.

    • gillian December 27, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

      Thanks! I love a gastropub – but ethnic food in general is a close second, especially Indian. Mmm.

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