LA check-list.

30 Dec

I’m spending my winter break checking things off my LA list of To-Dos. It’s fun to pretend to be a tourist in my own city – and even though I have grown up/lived near LA my whole life, it’s great to finally have the chance to do so many LA things! Yesterday I checked a few things off that list…

First up was a hike in Griffith Park (Mt. Hollywood) trail with my roommate and her friend/classmate, Alex.

at the top!

half-way up.

Griffith Observatory.

The hike was a little bit challenging but pretty comfortable, it took us just under 2 hours from the parking lot off Fern Dell to the top. One site I read dubbed Griffith Park the “Central Park” of Los Angeles. While it isn’t similar in style or lay-out to NYC’s epic park, it is pretty central. The views of Los Angeles are pretty breath-taking, even if there was a ton of smog.

Next up on the LA-filled day was a late lunch at Umami Burger. Jenn and I had never been and we worked up an appetite while hiking, so we wound up at the La Brea location of what is rumored to be LA’s best burger joint. The interior was uber-trendy – it was a really small location. So small that they were unable to serve beer. Overall, I loved the burger – it had a rich, delicious, and unique flavor and the addition of the parmesan crips was incredible.


mexican coke (me) and orange crush (jenn).

the holy grail of Los Angeles hamburgers.

onion rings (incredible) and thick-cut fries (also great).

house pickles.

Overall I loved Umami Burger. I thought it was a little bit pretentious (luckily though we went at an odd time and didn’t have to wait), but the burger itself was really tasty. I want to try and check off all of the burgers on this list to find the truly best burger in Los Angeles. (One of my best friends, Kate, is tackling a similar quest in SF on her blog).

Finally, the LA-filled night ended when my friend Aviva asked if I wanted to go out with some of her friends in Hollywood at Playhouse.The music was really great and I liked the venue – probably my favorite nightlife spot thus far in LA.

open-air roof at Playhouse.

cruddy quality but an awesome space.

What a great, extremely sunny, active December day in Los Angeles

🙂 What else should I add to the LA bucket-list?

3 Responses to “LA check-list.”

  1. Valerie Nelson December 30, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    Now you need to hike to Mt. Lee in Griffith Park — that’s the trail that takes you right up to the Hollywood sign. Uncle Casey and I did it with Mary earlier this year.

    • gillian December 30, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

      Ohhhh okay! How do you get there?


  1. burger battle. « That's G - February 21, 2012

    […] have an ongoing challenge with myself to find the best burger in LA. On the blog I’ve been to Umami Burger, Father’s Office, Short Order, and Stout. All are great, but Father’s Office still […]

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