back to reality.

19 Jan

Why yes, that was an Eminem – Lose Yourself reference. Sorry blog world, I’ve been busy enjoying the tail end of my winter break. I started back up at school this week (Tuesday to be exact) and I have been adjusting to the good ol’ grind. This semester I have the second half of Civil Procedure and Contracts, and am starting Torts and Intellectual Property. Loving all of them so far – the month off was just what I needed.

Here’s the fun things I did the last week or so of winter break…

My roommate Jenn and I hit up the popular WeHo lunch spot Tender Greens to see what all the fuss was about.

bbq chicken sandwich with baby spinach salad.

I liked the sandwich – a decent deal for the area at $10.50 for a big sandwich and side salad – but the sandwich needed something. BBQ sauce would have been perfect.

jenn loving some tender greens.

After our lunch last week, we passed by a place called Sno Bar – which bills itself as a cross between ice cream and shaved ice. Jenn and I split a small Peanut Butter flavor with chocolate chips.

peanut butter.

It was refreshing but I’m not sure I would seek it out. I did love the art on the walls (at the Santa Monica Blvd. location).

i'd go back just for the art.

Last Tuesday, I went over to Whitney’s where she whipped up a delicious pasta dish for us and we sipped on some wine. Later, I hung out with one of my law school buds, Aviva (and Jenn) at El Carmen for some margaritas to celebrate my summer job plans coming into fruition. We sat two tables away from Jeremy Piven. Soooo LA.

whitney's pasta.

On Wednesday, Jenn invited me to a screening of “My Week with Marilyn” at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

the egyptian.

I really liked the film – I learned more about Marilyn Monroe and both Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh were fabulous. The best part about the night was hearing Michelle and Kenneth answer a few questions after the show! They were both funny and well-spoken, and Michelle seemed to still be channelling Marilyn.

On Thursday, Aviva and I did some school-related errands and hit up The Bungalow in Larchmont for a snack and some coffee. It was such a quaint little place and the blueberry muffin we split was pretty bomb. On our way out we also spotted – wait for it, wait for it – Jeremy Piven! Small world slash it’s a good thing we’re going over stalking in Torts on Tuesday.

Later we met our friend Armita from our section at Bossa Nova for happy hour (plantains and sangria were the highlights).

My last weekend of freedom was a great one – one of my best friends from college, Kathleen, flew in from SF for the holiday weekend! I hadn’t seen her since before I left for Madrid in September 2010, so we were way overdue for some catch-up time.

us back in the sorority days. raging, obvi.

We picked her up Friday night, grabbed dinner and hit up The Churchill for a beer. Saturday morning featured a long run for me (a little over 10 – pain free!) with my running group. We did some intense hills and made it to Inspiration Point in the Palisades. I wish I’d brought my camera because it *may* be in the running for my absolute favorite spot in LA. Boom.

Later that afternoon, we had lunch with our friend Kate (also visiting from SF) for an AXO reunion at Short Order – Nancy Silverton’s new burger bar at 3rd and Fairfax, right next to the Farmer’s Market near The Grove. Kate gives a great review of the meal on her blog, but I thought I’d share some highlights.

better than umami, not as good as Father's Office. #imho

krisse, me, kathleen, and jenn. i don't know about them but i was SO HUNGRY.

my friends next to some sandbags?

Later that night Jenn, Kathleen, and I headed out to Santa Monica to check out the pier and stroll 3rd street – since Kathleen had never been! We caught the sunset (epic) and Kathleen treated us to a delicious dinner at Border Grill :).

i ❤ sm.

That night, we added some more members to the gang (Matt and Whitney) and headed out to some WeHo bars – Winston’s (my fav) and Bar Lubitsch.

we've been told we look alike. the funny thing? she has an actual identical twin.

The highlight of Sunday? A hike to the Hollywood Sign with Jenn, Kathleen, and my buddy Bryan. No, we didn’t see a severed head in a bag (thank god) but we did take some sweet pics! The trail was a total of about 6 miles and was relatively easy!

Other highlights include: cooking homemade pizza, an SVU marathon and fro-yo, checking out Beverly Hills and Hollywood and Highland, and catching up with an old friend! Now I’m itching to get up to SF…

That about rounds up my winter break! It was easily my favorite “break” from school, ever – maybe because it was so necessary. I’m excited for this semester: new classes, checking out more cool places in LA, and getting to know more of my classmates! I’m also excited to get back into my marathon training – first up? The Rose Bowl Half this weekend!

Anyway – now that I’m all caught up on blogging I’m going to relax with some TV (it is Jersday, after all!)

How do you adjust to a new schedule after a break in from your routine?

3 Responses to “back to reality.”

  1. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport January 20, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    I was just touting my love of your blog to another friend (whom I met through blogging) just and I love it! Again, your food is delicious, but what I really want to comment about are those hot pink pants! Get it girl! Love it! 🙂

    • gillian January 20, 2012 at 8:22 am #

      That is so sweet, Kristen! Thank you! When I started this blog I never though anyone besides my immediate family would read it – it’s so cool that I’ve met people (like you!) through itand who find my blog interesting 🙂 And I love the pink pants, too, haha – my roommate spotted them at Nordstrom Rack and made me get them.


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