the four one one.

18 Feb

I realize I have been 100% MIA for weeks now, which is not good at all. I’ve been trying to get back into “school mode” but have been distracted by fun things AND my running injuries which I’ll get into in this post. While the majority of the last few weeks have involved a lot of school work, memo-writing, and more school work, I’ve also had more time than I would have thought to squeeze in some fun stuff. Here’s what I have (and haven’t) been up to lately.

*Brunch with Left Coast Contessa: Katherine and I met via the blog world and realized we had a lot in common (long-distance running, being a foodie, loving the Watch the Throne album, oh and of course law school). We talk often on Twitter but had never met in person, so on Super Bowl Sunday we met up for brunch at Doughboy’s on 3rd – partially to check off a restaurant on the list of The Hills filming locations!

I ordered the “Toad in the Hole” which was pretty self-explanatory – except the bread was olive bread and had goat cheese in it as well, pretty dang scrumptious.

toad in the hole at Doughboy's.

It was so nice finally meeting Katherine in person! Yay for “blends” (blog-friends). Yes, I’m serious, that’s a term.

Later that day I avoided Torts homework by watching the first half of the Super Bowl with my guy friends who live down the street and 30 of their closest friends. I’m not that into pro-football (maybe because LA has never had a team in my lifetime?) but it was fun to watch the commercials. Here’s my favorite one:

Yes, I love this because it has a Kanye song featured in it. You should too.

Later that night I watched the movie “Drive” which I surprisingly loved – the soundtrack/score was incredible and has since become my study playlist. Take a listen to this one.

*One Friday in February my mom e-mailed me to say she was stuck at work Downtown and since I was still at school, we should get dinner together. I drove a few blocks and met my mom outside the Times, and hopped (literally – knee pain is rough) to Pitfire Pizza. I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the food – our steak salad and pumpkin pizza were both excellent.

oh hey.

pumpkin pizza at Pitfire.

Last weekend was equally fun – I reviewed a little bit of torts, hiked to the Hollywood Sign (and avoided any severed heads in plastic bags), and went out to my fav WeHo bar, Winston’s. I also picked up the annoying habit of constantly repeating the Nicki Minaj line “islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” from this song. The Grammys were also last weekend – my thoughts in one word? Lackluster. Mostly for these reasons:

(1) Why was LL Cool J hosting?

(2) Yay Adele, but put out a new song already.

(3) Everyone loves to hate Chris Brown (rightly so) but the kid can move. He probably didn’t need to get to perform twice though.

(4) Way too much country. Where was Kanye when we needed him during that dreadful Taylor Swift performance?

(5) Where was Kanye in general?

Fingers crossed next year’s performance is a little, I don’t know,  better?

This week was long – lots of school stuff, inability to run, etc. On Thursday, I had dinner with my friend Krisse at my new favorite pizza place – Pizza Urbano Downtown (6th and Hope). The pizza was honestly as good as Pizzeria Mozza, where I recently went for my birthday, and the vibe was more relaxed and enjoyable. Their Happy Hour prices couldn’t be beat either – from 4-7 on weekdays their pizzas are half-off and their draft beers are $4! Boom.

sausage and egg? Yes please.

potato and bacon.

*Running Update/lack of update: So I thought I injured my knee back in December – but it turned out not to be a knee injury – it was actually lateral knee pain as a result of super tight hamstrings and IT band. That knee felt better, but now the OTHER knee is hampered. I’ve been out of running commission for a few weeks, and with the marathon 1 month away I’m starting to freak out a little bit. Hopefully with elliptical and stationary bike I’ll be good to go on March 18th.

Due to my inability to run, today I missed my long run and did cardio at the gym. The elliptical is fine, but I am starting to go crazy not being able to run outside!

Anyway, as a break from a hectic week, Whitney and I explored Culver City last night – we had dinner at a funky Mexican place called Kay n Daves. The food was good (we both had salads) and my blackberry margarita w/ mint was delightful, but the service was weird. All of the waiters were pseudo-stoners, and ours practically sang every time he talked to us. No thanks, dude.

lime and cilantro salad.

blackberry margarita.

At the end of the night, we hit up Cool Haus – an ice cream shop that also has a food truck version. My friend Krisse had bought a buy one, get one coupon off Gilt City and wasn’t going to use it before the expiration date. Knowing I’m a total foodie, she gave it to me. Lucky for me, I now have a new ice cream obsession. This place is insanely awesome – way better than Diddy Reise. They have a bunch of wacky flavors and about 8 cookie varieties. I got a half-scoop of “Beer and Pretzels” ice cream and a half-scoop of (spicy) Chipotle Chocolate sandwiched between a Peanut Butter (obvi) and S’mores cookie. I. am. obsessed.

cool haus.

Today has been perfectly mellow – am gym and then a solid few hours at the library where I got some solid work done on my research memo (yay for Lexis Advance) and did some practice Civ Pro problems on the Erie Doctrine. The rest of my weekend will continue with the mellow trend – drinks with an old friend tonight, yoga tomorrow morning, and some more school work. It’s good to be back, blog-o-sphere 🙂

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?

5 Responses to “the four one one.”

  1. Steve February 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    Shouldn’t “blog” + “friends” = “blonds”?

    • gillian February 18, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

      hahaha i didn’t create the term, i just use it.


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