burger battle.

21 Feb

So I have an ongoing challenge with myself to find the best burger in LA. On the blog I’ve been to Umami Burger, Father’s Office, Short Order, and Stout. All are great, but Father’s Office still takes the cake in my book. (Speaking of cake, the Rihanna song “Birthday Cake” is officially the worst song ever). This week, I put the current front-runner, Father’s Office, head-to-head with a new-to-me place, The Golden State.

The Golden State’s burger was delicious – sweet bun and savory flavor (bacon and arugula). They only have one type of burger, but also have a veggie burger, turkey burger, and a few other non-burger burgers. I went with Jenn and my Dad who swung by for dinner and we all got the burger.

I liked it a lot, but instantly I knew it was no Father’s Office or Umami.

The Golden State's burger.

I enjoyed a Ginger beer to drink and liked the sweet potato wedges, but they were so huge! I preferred Jenn’s old-fashioned french fries.

Overall, I really liked The Golden State food-wise, but was less stoked about the small size of the place and how we were sort of shoe-horned in, but the next time I want a burger within walking distance of my apartment, I’ll be back.

On Monday night, after a rousing hour of Civil Procedure and the Erie doctrine, I met up with my friend Chanel at Father’s Office! Due to a comedic turn of events (her phone died, I didn’t check to see if she had gotten there early) we both thought the other was 20 minutes late! When we finally found each other, we each ordered a beer (I went with a Ranger 5 IPA), split sweet potato fries, and each enjoyed our entrees.

Father's Office in Culver City.


Chanel's beet salad.

the best burger in LA.

I was so satisfied with my burger – it remains number 1 on my list, but I’m willing to see if anything can knock it off! It was also great catching up with Chanel [She PR’d in the half-marathon on Sunday at the Rock’n’Roll Pasadena Half Marathon. Congrats, Chanel!]

All my LA foodies – where is your favorite burger?

3 Responses to “burger battle.”

  1. micahkavros February 21, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    Hah what an interesting post! That burger looks delicious! Keep it up on your burger search!

    If your interested, I’m blogging my journey toward 6 pack abs, any support/feedback would be greatly appreciated!




  2. leftcoastcontessa February 22, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    1) The Chris Brown verse on the Birthday Cake remix? double ew. Just so gross.

    2) I’m forever on team fathers office. The burger, the bun! So delicious. Also I think they have the superior beer list and sweet potato fries.

    • gillian February 25, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

      Haha yeah it’s pretty terrible. Also weird that she says “I love you, baby.” Weird. So glad you’re on team FO, that’s the only team to be on!

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