back in the saddle.

27 Feb

This week, I went to my first spin class in almost a year, and I am kicking myself for that! When I was in Spain last year I did spinning occasionally, but got so into running and training for races, all forms of cross-training took a back seat.

My right knee is still causing me a lot of pain when I try to run, and I miss intense cardio like nothing else. Besides the whole “I’m supposed to run a marathon in a few weeks thing,” running is how I deal with stress, sort out my day, and it’s fun! Not being able to do it has been rough, but now that I’ve re-fallen in love with spinning those endorphins are surging yet again! Phew.

I’ve taken three classes so far at my new gym (including one today at lunch time since I have one late-afternoon class on Mondays). My favorite instructor was super enthusiastic and played a blend of house/pop and mash-ups, and essentially danced while he was in the saddle!

wish this were true.

This one was one of my favorite songs that he played:

and how can you NOT love a class when you’re cycling to this?

I first started spinning about 4 years ago during a brief attempt at trying to train for a triathlon (swimming isn’t my thing, and neither is outdoor cycling for that matter). I did, however, become obsessed with the mix of intense cardio, hill training, upbeat music, communal atmosphere, and of course, competition, that are all innate in any good spin class. I’ve taken classes at my gym at Berkeley, at my gyms in Madrid and in Barcelona, and even in a metro station in Madrid!

I forgot how much I love it and am going to definitely re-integrate it into my routine (2-3x a week, or more, until my knee gets better and I can run again). Looks like those clip-in spin shoes I bought a few years ago were a solid investment, after all!

Favorite form of non-running exercise? AND favorite work-out song? 

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