my [current] cardio playlist.

9 Mar

I’m a cardio junkie – although I’m out of commission for running due to knee problems, I’m still spinning, ellitpical-ing, and anxious to get back to the weekly long-run routine. That being said, I’m always on the look-out for upbeat, house-y music I can sweat to. Here are my current obsessions:

Tonite Only – Haters Gonna Hate


Calvin Harris – Feel So Close


Chris Brown and Rihanna – Turn Up the Music


Eminem v. Eurythmics – Without Me/Sweet Dreams Mash-Up – my first spin class at my new gym played this and I’ve been obsessed ever since:


Nicki Minaj – Star Ships


September – Resuscitate Me – currently played in my favorite Body Pump AND Spin classes…talk about an instant classic…


Timomatic – Set it Off – and this song I found in an Express commercial. Gotta love the “Shazam” iPhone app!


Flo Rida f/ Sia – Wild Ones (not sure why this image is so creepy, whoops)


Other places I go for new house music:

The Dancing Astronaut Blog

The After Hours Podcast (a law school friend’s monthly podcast!)

The White Panda (besides Girl Talk, probably my favorite mash-up artist. New album coming out on 3-12-12!)

Anything Girl Talk has ever touched. LOVE his mash-ups.

Occasionally I’ll find something good on The Hood Internet.

That being said, I’m ALWAYS down to hear new things, so please send me work-out music suggestions!

(And a note on my running – my knee is doing better, but still not anywhere near the strength I had hoped it would be in time for the LA Marathon on the 18th. I ran 3 miles with my Dad yesterday and it was very sore toward the end and after). While I am very disappointed and frustrated by this injury, I know there will be other marathons and I can’t wait to get back out there as soon as possible).

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