13 Mar

Last week was a law student’s long-awaited sanctuary: Spring Break! Ours was slightly modified – we had a midterm on Monday morning, so our “break” was really a Tuesday-Sunday opportunity to unwind a little bit, get caught up on work, and plunge ahead on the next batch of assignments.

While I snuck in some time to eat at a couple great new restaurants, the “anchor” to my Spring Break was a two-night stint with my roommate Jenn and friends Whitney and Matt at Jenn’s family’s house in Palm Desert, CA.

I had been to the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area twice before, but it had been 10 years since my most recent visit. I was eager to re-acquaint myself with it, soak up the sun, and relax a little bit.

Jenn and I headed out on Friday and enjoyed the view along the 10-E. (I’ve heard it’s a so-cal thing to put a “the” before giving the number of a freeway – “the 10” “the 405” “the 101.” Do any of you NOT do this?)

on the 10.

One of the side projects for this trip was to get me my first set of real “business” clothes. I’m going to need a suit if I’m going to do this lawyer thing. Jenn knew I’d have luck at the Banana Republic Outlet at Desert Hills Premium Outlets – and luck was had! Boom.

We got to the desert, had a delicious salad dinner at Las Casuelas in La Qunita. We grabbed some groceries for the weekend and eagerly awaited Matt and Whitney’s post-work arrival.

Saturday morning began with a new vacation tradition I’m starting for myself (stolen from Jenn’s family): vacation cereal! We bought a sinfully good cereal that I’d literally only ever purchase on vacation. Two mornings of waking up to Lucky Charms? So. good.

Jenn, Whitney, and I decided to go on a little run around the complex – but between my knee pain (3 miles is okay, any more than that starts getting pretty brutal), Jenn’s newly developed shin splints, and Whitney’s calf pain from a charlie horse during the night, we were quite a show. Our 4-mile run included lots of walk breaks, but it was still awesome to start the day with a sweat sesh. When we got back, we did a little core work and rewarded ourselves the only way possible:

saturday morning mimosas!

We headed to the local pool and soaked up the sun (we all came back with sunburns, not so awesome. I must have forgotten to put sunscreen on my tummy – fml.)

Later, I conned Whitney into squeezing in a second work-out with me:

walking our way to starbucks, where else?

That night, we opted for a low-key night – we headed to see Friends with Kids. Overall, I really liked it – it was different, witty, funny, but also sentimental. It was revealed that I do indeed have a soul because I full-on cried at one point, and no one else shed a tear. The cast was great, and while the movie wasn’t perfect, I’d recommend it for sure.

We decided to forego a formal dinner in favor of post-movie Apps and Zerts at Yardhouse.

Stone IPA a.k.a. "Old Faithful"

The Apps and Zerts originator himself:

We all fell asleep watching The Hangover (I’m ashamed – I love that movie). After losing an hour, we hustled back to the City of Angels literally so I could get to the library before the week started and hit the gym.

Now, I’m back at school (and the grind). I did take a fabulous spin class today with ALL house music (this song was one of my favs) and did my 4th workout from the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I may be crazy, but I think I already notice some changes.

Random side-note: A Cup of Jo featured this Rainbow Hotel today that just so happens to be in Palm Springs. I want/need to go here ASAP.

Not too much else to report – although I am bummed I won’t be making my 26.2 debut on Sunday, I am SUPER excited for my Dad who will be running his first marathon rain or shine this weekend! He’s trained hard since early fall and I know he’ll have a great time!

Do you do anything special/different when you’re on vacation?

4 Responses to “desert-ed.”

  1. restaurant in chandigarh March 14, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    you must have enjoyed there thats great… by the way nice photo and nice posts you have ..I like this.. please keep posting your travel experience.

  2. leftcoastcontessa March 14, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    I love Palm Springs! Glad you enjoyed break. Can’t wait for mine in a week and a half.

    Also, that aps and zerts clip is the best ever.

    And too bad that you won’t be running 26.2 this weekend. I know you’ll get healthy and kill it sooner than later. And hey, you don’t have to run in 50 degree rain!

    • gillian March 14, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

      Thanks Katherine! I’ll be insanely jealous when you’re on break!

      I LOVE Aziz Ansari – and especially in that video.

      Thanks for the encouraging words re: the marathon! It’s a bummer but it’s not the end of the world. I am gonna try and do a few miles with my Dad, and focus on getting healthy.


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