adding to the LA list.

19 Mar

While last week was punctuated by my Dad’s LA marathon, I’ve been up to some other things as well that are [at least semi-] blog-worthy. I’ve spent a good amount of time reading for school… and working on a big brief due April 1 for my Legal Research and Writing Class.

One thing I love about my section is that we’re all big dorks – we share nerdy links on our shared facebook wall for example. Last night, a few of us even wrote “haikus” based on cases we had to read for this week. I wrote one for Posecai v. Wal-Mart (woman robbed in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club – does the club owe her a duty of care? should they provide a security guard for the lot?) My haiku?

Oh it’s getting real
In the Sam’s Club parking lot
Where’s security?

See? Super nerdy.

Last week, I went out to dinner at a delightful little place in Los Feliz called Home with some of my section favs (Armita, Aviva, and Taylor). We goofed off, were weirded out by the waitress, and I inhaled this wholesomely delicious sandwich (although the garlic mashed potatoes were just average).

multigrain salad wrap with chicken.

Friday night brought a much needed break. It was my friend Dominique’s 25th birthday! I met Dom almost 3 years ago on the 4th of July and have gotten to know her through the years, and was so happy to be able to catch up with her and the other friends I have made through my best friend from high school, Whitney. We met up at Whitney’s and took pictures, Dom popped some champagne, and I was stoked to hear “The Motto.” YOLO, duh…

birthday girl dominique, Whitney, me, and Ellen.

We went to a swanky little lounge in Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland) called the Next Door Lounge. You needed a password to get in (ours was “airtight”), and there was a cool, relaxed vibe which I liked. I even lived it up and strayed from my usual IPA in exchange for a delicious moscow mule.

me, riley, and christian.

moscow mule.

It was a much needed break from my routine heading into a rainy weekend, and fun to get my mind off of school for a bit, even though initially I didn’t think I was in a going out mood. Glad I rallied! I’d definitely go back to the Next Door Lounge – it was like The Churchill, but way less pretentious/bougie.

And then on Sunday, after the marathon, my roommate Jenn, our friend Bryan, and I decided to hike Runyon. I was in an exercise mood after running a tiny bit with my dad, and since it was nice out and clear since it had rained the previous day, I knew the views would be epic.


Those are my LA updates for the last week or so – I’m hoping to get to some cool new places soon and I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for recommendations 🙂

Anyone have anything nerdy they do with classmates or co-workers?

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