in the interim.

30 Mar

I have my last big paper for my Legal Research and Writing class due on Sunday. My writing section was randomly assigned to represent the plaintiff, a coffee company, who alleges its trade secrets have been misappropriated. The only issue we have to discuss is whether or not the recipe and customer lists are trade secrets, i.e. if they have independent economic value from being unknown to others and are the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain their secrecy. I’ll be happy when it’s over – and I have a lot to blog about once that puppy is submitted.

not my client, but i bet they have a bunch of trade secrets!

Until then, here’s some of my favorite “G” links from around the web to tide you over…

Obama’s sexy and he knows it 

This song epitomizes bubblegum pop, but it’s my current guilty pleasure. Call me, maybe?

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Workout

– My friend’s house podcast that is currently my memo-writing anthem music.

My running shoe store is Born To Run!

– Speaking of Born To Run, did you hear Caballo Blanco is missing?

Ron Swanson is the greatest character on television. and a true man.

– A new blog I’m enjoying from a runner and Lululemon ambassador.

Gotye f/ Kimbra v. Avicii – Levels That I Used to Know 

– My roommate’s new blog.

Runners in Mammoth.

That should tide you over :). And, if you’re wondering about all of the running posts, I finally got the ok from my PT to go on longer runs, and yesterday involved a 5.5 miler that felt AMAZING – no knee pain! I was also speedier than usual which was an added bonus. I’ll be back post-memo for a full fitness de-brief.

Have a great weekend! What’s your favorite link of the moment? Let me know via the comments section!

3 Responses to “in the interim.”

  1. Valerie Nelson March 30, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    You buried the lead … Jenn has a blog!

    • gillian March 30, 2012 at 11:20 am #

      Lol well we don’t want her readership blowing up overnight 🙂

      • JENNeralities March 31, 2012 at 10:49 am #

        Pshhh I think I could handle the attention!

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