a good friday.

7 Apr

A benefit to going to a Catholic law school? We get Good Friday off. While some of my professors weren’t completely happy with this (Thanks for the extra class, Torts prof), it was a bona fide day off – no classes or work actually had to be done on Friday.

One of my friends in my section, Blake, had enough foresight to suggest a group of us actually make use of this day off and hang out. We kicked around a bunch of ideas – the beach and/or bottomless mimosas and brunch being the main contenders, but none of us could quite come to terms with making a decision. Finally, our buddy Taylor suggested we merge the two and hang for a bit at his family’s house in Malibu. Boom. Best Friday ever.

We drove along PCH and spent the afternoon eating, drinking (bottomless mimosas for the girls, bloody marys for Blake), soaking up the sun, and strolling along the beach.

It was the perfect way to spend our day off, and most definitely whetted my appetite for summer.

Here are a few photos of my good Friday…

mimosas & malibu. (sounds like a rejected title for this blog - hah!)

mussels and crabs. (we also spotted seals and dolphins).

blake, armita, and me.

blake, armita, me, and taylor all pretending we like each other. (aviva was our photographer.)

Did I mention how great of a call law school in LA was? #patsselfonback.

The weather in LA was insanely beautiful today so I tried to spend as much of it being active and outside as possible…as well as reading Civil Procedure and Torts and preparing for my first Oral Argument on Monday! Woot.

Lots of other fun stuff to re-cap from this week, so stay tuned. I hope everyone has a happy Easter/Passover for those who celebrate either holiday!

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