week in review.

8 Apr

This has been quite the week! While I delay preparing for my (ungraded) oral argument, I thought I’d prep my overview of the last week’s non-school related adventures…

On Wednesday, I hit up a great, new-to-me place in Silverlake with some law school friends for dinner: Mohawk Bend. I first heard about this place from Katherine when we met in February, and it’s been on my list of must-trys ever since. When the waiter explained they had over 30 California beers on tap, I knew I wouldn’t be let down. I was even more elated when they had my VERY favorite beer on tap – the Cheseboro IPA from Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura Hills!


I was also feeling like indulging my IPA-obsession and selected the IPA-battered avocado and chips for my entree. Weird, but sinfully good.

taylor and aviva are clearly camera ready. oh to be friends with a blogger.

After dinner, we headed to the Silverlake Lounge for the FIRST! Comedy Show featuring a variety of comics, including Aviva’s college roommate Kyle Mizono, who I saw perform stand-up back in January at The Comedy Store and thought was hilarious. She was equally funny this time around, and I enjoyed several of the other comedians. Definitely need to keep going to shows like this. Laughing is the best.

kyle mizono.

Since we didn’t have school on Friday, Thursday afternoon called for a much-needed post-Torts beer. Blake, Armita, and I headed to LA Live and ended up grubbing at ESPN Zone. I sipped on a Hef and a chicken ceasar wrap (with a side of ceasar salad). I know, I was taking the theme pretty seriously.

makes me miss the berkeley btc days.

Friday involved malibu and mimosas and then a Passover Seder at Aviva’s. I’ve celebrated Passover a few times before (including the time freshman year of high school when I spilled my tiny glass of grape juice not once, but three separate times on my friend’s white tablecloth. Cool). I found the Afikomen which was fun, and enjoyed experiencing the Seder. But more than anything, I enjoyed the charoset.

Saturday was gorgeous out so I studied a bunch outside at a local Starbucks, and I went home post-gym on Sunday for some family time and, of course, the traditional Easter meal [sarcasm] at Natural Cafe.


Andddd in case you couldn’t get through the week without knowing my workouts, here ya go:

Monday: Pure Barre
Tuesday: Spin, NROLFW 1B
Wednesday: Pure Barre + 3 mi. run
Thursday: Yoga (Foundations taught by Lori Steele)
Friday: 5.5 mile run
Saturday: Pure Barre + 4 mi run
Sunday: Spin + NROLFW 1A

I’m happy with how my workouts went last week – mixing it up and cross-training a lot. This week I want to incorporate in more yoga and make sure I am foam rolling and stretching as much as possible. I’m obviously also hoping putting it into writing holds me accountable.

And rounding out this hodge-podge of a post, here’s some links to kick off your week.

My new role model.

3 ways to improve your workouts. (heck yes, caffeine).

A fun yet disturbing glimpse at gender discrepancies in kids’ toys.

Guess she shoulda Asked Ashley

Texts from Hillary

Tweet-up…in real life?

and this awesome Gotye remix:

Anyone have a favorite link from around the web this week?

Right now I’m catching up on Amazing Race – and Monday morning will begin with a little Pure Barre action, followed by all-day preparation for my first Oral Argument (basically a presentation of my final brief for my legal writing class).

How are you kicking off this week?

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