[race recap] she runs la 10k.

18 Apr

On April 14th, I ran the She Runs LA 10k. After reading about last year’s cool virtual race while I was abroad, I vowed to participate in the She Runs LA event this year, and I’m glad I did.

The race had a LATE start for a 10k. Gun-time wasn’t until 10 am, and the start line was at Paramount Studios – just over 3 miles from my apartment. My friend Emily picked me up at 8:30 and we drove over together. We parked quickly and easily at the structure across the street – for $5.

pre-race antics. suns out guns out?

Check-in was really easy – we had over an hour to kill once we got to the starting area. Emily made things even easier by picking up both of our packets earlier in the week. While we waited to head into our corral, we wandered around the lot. Nike had a few things set up but it was pretty low-key. If the line had been shorter, I would have hopped on a treadmill and sang along to the Nike “I would run to you” video to score a free T-shirt.

As we waited, I realized my Garmin wasn’t turning on. I went into near panic mode – I always run with that thing, and since I knew I would be running faster than training pace for a 10k, I was sort of banking on my Garmin to tell me what pace to run. No combination of pressing random buttons was doing the trick, so I decided to run with a non-functioning calculator strapped to my wrist and do the race based off of “feel.” Oh boy.

As Emily and I were hanging out on the lot, I noticed someone approaching me wearing my high school’s letterman jacket, which I thought was weird. The mysterious figure came closer, and it was my old friend and high school teammate, Jordan Page, who now works for Nike. He was running the race with a few co-workers as the members of The Breakfast Club. Yes, I am one of those people who knows the weird eccentric runners. Jordan ran in a full sweater and dress pants. He would.

paramount backlot.

Right before the gun went off, I got my iPod all set up and raring to go with my all-80s playlist my friend Armita put together for me. It sounds stupid, but having friends do something small like this sort of adds to the race experience. The songs ended up being perfect – a nod to the 80s theme, motivating, and a nice departure from my normal house and hip hop overload.

My favorite songs ended up being both Glee songs. Go figure.

In typical fashion, I went out fast. Luckily I was still with Emily for the first half-mile, and she alerted me that we were sub-7. I felt pretty strong but knew I would have to pull back a bit. Since my Garmin wasn’t working, I just calculated my mile time at each mile and realized I was more or  less maintaining 7:30s (after a sub-7 first mile, whoops). The course was a straight out and back on Melrose – so it was relatively flat and there was a lot to look at. Nike also had a bunch of on-course entertainment. They also had 4 different water stations on the course which was plenty for a 10k.

the gospel choir at the turn-around.

the crowd on melrose.

(I didn’t run with a camera – Jenn was going to cheer at the turn-around, but somehow we beat her there! She nabbed some sweet pics for me, though).

I was 22:40ish at the 5k. I felt good, strong, and fast up until the last mile or so. I knew Aviva and Armita would be cheering for me at Melrose and Windsor, which I thought was going to be really close to to the finish. When I saw them, I was pretty much by myself so I took a headphone out and thanked them for coming. Later they joked that I was REALLY intense and formal. As I headed back into the lot, I assumed the finish was right around the corner, but we still probably had 0.5 miles to go. Dang Garmin. I ended up finishing in a time of 47:00 (7:35 pace). Not a PR, but I’ll take it. I was the 18th female overall, and 2nd in my age group (20-24).

While I got separated from Emily, she had a great race! She finished in 49:54 – a PR!

After the race, I grabbed my Hurley finisher’s bracelet, water, and a banana. The expo was a little bit lackluster – some cool Nike stuff and booths, but nothing too exciting. The 80s-inspired band The Spazmatics were there performing as well. It was clear Nike knew what they were doing – fun race, theme, course, and an awesome bracelet I have worn every day since the race. One downside to this race, though, is there is no medal or T-shirt, but in the long run I think a bracelet will get worn more.

armita, me, and aviva.

After the race, Emily hustled off to the Clippers game, and I met back up with Armita and Aviva for some chow. We headed to Lulu’s on Beverly. I enjoyed a make-your-own omelette (spinach, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatos, and feta cheese).

Overall, I had a good experience with this race! Would have been better if my Garmin had been working, but I was happy with my performance. My knee/IT band felt a tiny bit sore the last mile, and hurt the rest of the day, but I have been pain-free since.

What 80s song would be a “must” on YOUR 80s playlist? 

Have you done a Nike race or other event before? Thoughts?

Still waiting on the official pictures from Brightroom, so there may be a follow-up posts with the best and worse of race day pics.

Oh, and my Garmin worked once I got home and googled what to do and did a “soft reset.”

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